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(bacteriology) a nutrient substance (solid or liquid) that is used to cultivate micro-organisms

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With the use of the oocyte as the test unit in a logistic model to predict fertilization, and adjusting for subject (mother) and method of insemination (IVF versus ICSI), the odds ratio (95% confidence interval) for REI culture medium versus HTF medium was 1.
0 mg/ml of each acid in in different weight-volume percentages of the culture medium of: 88%, of 25% and of 12%.
The Stemline Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Medium is serum-free, composed of fully-defined components and has 80% less basic fibroblast growth factor than the leading pluripotent stem cell culture medium.
3Analysis of nonincubated blank culture medium containing 100 mL/L fetal bovine serum and 10 mL/L penicillin/ streptomycin (stored at -20 [degrees]C) revealed that the medium contained detectable concentrations of all organic acids studied.
Cells were exposed to 54 nM 1[beta]-3H-androstenedione (New England Nuclear Research Products, Boston, MA, USA) dissolved in serum-free (Ultroser SF-free) culture medium and incubated for 1.
violet red bile agar mug: un code 28930 with a certificate of productivity (% of growth or recovery) and selectivity lot of the culture medium with a lifetime of 3 years.
But they grew well for more than one year in a culture medium containing the secretions of cells infected with human retroviruses such as HIV and HTLV-II (a cancer -causing virus closely related to HIV).
a Woodland, California based manufacturer of classical and custom cell culture medium and sera products ("JRS") and several other investors, to form a new cell culture medium joint venture in Beijing, China.
Contract awarded for 05 bottles of culture medium for growing chromogenic agar urine.
the researchers found that adding just 10 micrograms of iron per milliliter of culture medium was sufficient to halve the dose of GLA that killed tumor cells.
Glass container 2 gallon for preparation culture medium with plug sterilizable.
The Immune Response Corporation (OTCBB:IMNR) announced today the development of a serum-free, chemically defined cell culture medium for the production of HIV-1 from HUT-78 cells, a human T-cell lymphoma cell line.
To create variants, researchers place plant tissue in a container of culture medium, a mixture of substances supporting cell growth.
The patent describes an AAV manufacturing process in which numerous growth conditions used to culture the production cells are controlled in a manner that leads to the release of AAV vector particles into the cell culture medium without the need for breaking open the host cell membrane.