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a group of people working together to advance certain cultural goals

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During a meeting with heads of the cultural centers, workers of the National Theater, al-Kindi Cinema and members of Elders Education Department and Tartous Archeological Department, Mshaweh stressed the need to support the cultural movement in the province and offer all possible facilities to promote its situation.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki opened the International Book Fair held on Baghdad International Fair, expressing his appreciation for the efforts to establish book fairs for its role in spread science and knowledge and strengthens the cultural movement in Iraq.
The general framework of the strategy aims to use the buildings and facilities at Katara, in order to contribute to the development of the cultural movement, promote and highlight the creative energies and develop the cultural and literary climate in Qatar, while involving intellectuals in the overall development process.
The culture and national heritage sector adopts the principle of cultural openness to support the Bahraini cultural movement via its museums and it's cultural and heritage events, both essential components of culture in the Bahraini society, a statement from the foundation said.
Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) documents the identity construction of 11 female activist educators who participated in a progressive social and cultural movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (Landless Workers' Movement), in Brazil.
With initiatives such as the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of Arts Awards we also continue to encourage individuals and organisations to become part of the vibrant cultural movement of Dubai.
Ahmed bin Khalfan al-Rawahi, President of Nizwa University said, in his speech, that Nizwa has witnessed through the ancient history of Oman a cultural movement in which the message of learning and teaching was cemented and contributed in the moderate scientific and literal production.
The strong price achieved for the work attests to the enduring appeal of not only the artist and the Beatles, but of an entire cultural movement.
Summary: A delegation from the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) has joined over 400 publishers from 35 countries in the 17th edition of Algeria International Book Fair held at the Exhibition Palace in Algiers to build bridges of communication with all parties involved in the Arabic cultural movement and throw more light on Arab writers and intellectuals.
As Rohan says, "If your aim is to create a cultural movement, it helps if you've experienced different cultures
of the founders of the Gradas cultural movement in the 1970s that
In order to boost cultural action in the regions, an action program was set up based on the conclusion of partnership contracts between the cultural institutions, association and all the components of the civil society, to vitalize the cultural movement on the regional and local level and establish projects of artistic creation inspired from the specificities of each region.
A few weeks later, the non-governmental organization called "Educational and Cultural Movement from Voden" published the first issue of "Zadruga", the second Macedonian-language newspaper to be published quarterly.
Mr Monbiot will be in conversation with the festival's co-organiser, Dougald Hine, George from the Dark Mountain Project, which describes itself as a new cultural movement for an age of global disruption.
3 billion Indian multinational, announces today that it has hired StrawberryFrog to develop a global Cultural Movement brand strategy for the Indian multinational.
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