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Synonyms for context

Synonyms for context

discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

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At last, it is to notice that, when answering to the items of ICQ, participants must evaluate the frequency of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours in relation to themselves and not in relation to what occurs in their own cultural context.
Having children from many cultural backgrounds in classrooms means that early educators must not privilege one cultural context over another.
Morgan and Wood joined the historian Joseph Ellis in writing erudite versions of what has been called "Founders Chic" over the last decade or so, an approach that generally seeks to humanize various of the Founding Fathers, and to apologize for their moral flaws by attributing them to a broader cultural context. (2) That context can no longer serve as refuge, however, not after what Waldstreicher has wrought in this closely researched and fiercely reasoned book.
I needed to read Kaze several times to understand what was going on--many Westerners will be unfamiliar with the story's historical and cultural context, which means that things obvious to a Japanese reader will be hard for American readers to fathom.
We use the term metacognition here to refer to counselors' active incorporation of their own cultural frameworks, values, and worldview into the counseling process as an interaction rather than considering that counselors' cultural context should only inform specific steps or strategies of career interventions.
Living Islam Out Loud is simply a 'must' for anyone who would understand how these Muslim women practice their traditional faith within the social and cultural context of the every changing, secular, modern, non-Islamic world of America.
She has gradually shifted focus from a acaustic examination of gender constructions (sometimes within the specific cultural context of late-twentieth-century, post-Catholic southern Ireland) to a broader exploration of the passion and poetry within human nature, especially as released by our interaction with the rest of the natural world.
In conclusion he offers several scenarios for the future, putting wildland fire management policy in this broader historical and cultural context and arguing persuasively that "fire management is fundamental to our obligations as environmental stewards and is an obligation of civil society to its members and the future."
Some cultural context would have helped as well--for instance, what kind of backlash did ABC get for airing That Certain Summer, about a teenager meeting his father's male lover?
Throughout the six steps, crisis interveners continually assess the victim's progress and readiness for change, and do so within a cultural context.
Nothing is inherently wrong with either form of communication, but when interpreted outside a particular cultural context, certain interpersonal styles may be regarded as rude and inappropriate and lead to an increase in disciplinary referrals for urban African American males.
The fires, the bloodshed, the trials, and the executions created a legal and cultural context that noted legal historian Peter Charles Hoffer uses to examine the second slave conspiracy: the New York Conspiracy of 1741.
57-58) calls the kind of meaning that a context itself possesses existential; words (together with more complex entities such as concepts and theories) used in a cultural context have what Polanyi calls denotative or representative meaning.
Because of the lack of standardized IQ measures in Bangladesh, Wasserman, a child psychologist, adapted the WISC-III for this cultural context. The WISC-III is a comprehensive series of tests that measures intellectual abilities such as comprehension and problem solving.
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