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an anthropologist who studies such cultural phenomena as kinship systems

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It is worth noting that Sodikoff is caught in something of a contradiction herself: that she is a cultural anthropologist who has spent time labouring in the conservation sector, and yet has a deep regard and concern for the sustainability of Malagasy lives vis-a-vis crushing poverty.
A cultural anthropologist by trade, she is most comfortable as a "scribe" who writes other people's stories instead of her own.
Dan Baum examines that divide like a cultural anthropologist in his fascinating, intelligent new book.
A social and cultural anthropologist, Beck leads Urban Semester students in a variety of engaged learning projects to benefit Brooklyn residents, including an analysis of Census data to document the redistribution of racial groups and outreach efforts to help extend CUFFH programs to more families.
pdf+&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShsruh_IJvP0OlDzy4Xo43bcKXJjOKt-bmftT8LXk-ZiJlp7xu1DMtkblwLRfKoVxPzM9YwcTJs5UXiRVrVjlBYlWGloEn5m7a2JRfobtKyPnfxzMivCnmK3pZ3f8xMJas0Rn35&sig=AHIEtbTOyQF-fhPBAEHuN5DeRgzlF2DaLQ&pli=1) writes cultural anthropologist Daniel Miller , author of "Stuff" and "Material Culture and Mass Consumption," who calls Coca-Cola a meta-symbol open to different interpretations.
Wendy Appel, a leading cultural anthropologist, author and speaker, said leaders could now uncover what made them tick with a mere shuffle of cards.
Wesch, a cultural anthropologist and researcher in the modern discipline of digital ethnography, will expand on this idea during his Wednesday keynote presentation at FETC 2012, the annual education technology conference.
In Divining a Digital Future, computer scientist Paul Dourish and cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell explore the vision that has "driven the ubiquitous computing research program and the contemporary practices that have emerged--both the motivating mythology and the everyday messiness of lived experience.
Cultural anthropologist Ariana Hernandez-Reguant and the nine other contributors to this book undertake a necessary and welcome reflection on the Special Period in Cuba as an instance of late socialism.
A cultural anthropologist, a musicologist, a historian and a communications/ethnic studies expert share with Diverse some of the challenges and curiosities that come with being keepers of the Motown legacy.
Samuel Gerald Collins is a cultural anthropologist at Towson University, who has researched, published, and taught on cultural futures for the last 16 years.
l Dr Al Zekri is an independent Bahraini cultural anthropologist.
Thomas Berry, priest, cultural anthropologist and student of earth/human relationships offers this basic code of conduct:
One can argue about which dances are most appropriate, and whether or not banal pop music of the order of 'I Will Survive' is the best choice at global sites of conscience such as Auschwitz," remarked Cultural anthropologist Mark Auslander, a Brandeis University professor who studies ritual commemoration of the dead.
Galvez, a cultural anthropologist, uses interviews and observations to study the process of guadalupanismo (worship of Mexico's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe) among recent Mexican immigrants in New York City.
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