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an anthropologist who studies such cultural phenomena as kinship systems

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ABOUT THE FILMMAKER Dhruv Dhawan was born in 1979 in Mumbai and is a cultural anthropologist and filmmaker graduated from Duke University.
Works of body art have traditionally reflected rites of passage, served as group identifiers, and made people confirm to a cultural code and social standard outsiders rarely understand, so it's timely that cultural anthropologist John Rush examines different processes and procedures of radical physical alternations in different cultures, from branding to tattooing and self-inflicted pain.
Lewis, a cultural anthropologist, argues that the colonial world was divided into two related domains: the sanctioned domain of the colonial caste system, dominated by Spaniards, and the unsanctioned domain of witchcraft, dominated by Indians.
There is no cultural anthropologist in the world today who believes that was ever even possible.
A remarkable cultural anthropologist, and a talented writer, the author takes us deep into the culture of torture, painting a rich tableau and showing it as part of a complex system of religious belief and social practice in Toulouse.
Male baboon greetings resemble the human ritual performances that the late cultural anthropologist Roy Rappaport considered essential for establishing social trust and symbolic communication, Watanabe contends.
The social structure in Japan is best described by the "Vertical Society" (Tate Shakai in Japanese) theory developed in 1967 by a well-known cultural anthropologist, Professor Chie Nakane.
WASHINGTON -- EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, today launched Project Energy Code by releasing the first report, "Visibility, Ambivalence and Trust: Cultural Stumbling Blocks To Greater Household Energy Efficiency," written by renowned cultural anthropologist Dr.
We brought psychologist as a director of research who teamed up with cultural anthropologist.
Dean/Director IQRA University Dr Mohammad Islam, Creative Director FACE, Arieb Azhar, Cultural Anthropologist, Shabnum Bahar and some faculty members were among the panelists.
The cultural anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake identifies the human impulse to craft and decorate objects in distinctive ways as our ability to "make special.
Meanwhile, Grant McCracken, cultural anthropologist, said that binge watching has really taken off due to a perfect storm of better TV, current economic climate and the digital explosion of the last few years.
To better understand why binge watching has become such a cultural phenomenon, Netflix worked with cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken, to trace the evolution of binge watching and more importantly, to explore how and why binge watching television is resonating with today's viewers.
Noriyuki Ueda is a cultural anthropologist who undertook a two-day conversation with the Dalai Lama.
Dan Baum examines that divide like a cultural anthropologist in his fascinating, intelligent new book.
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