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Synonyms for cultivator

someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

a farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil (for aeration and weed control and conservation of moisture)


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'My brother is in a Jat regiment,' said the cultivator. 'Dogras be good men.'
'Light come - light go,' said the cultivator's wife viciously.
Then the banker, the cultivator, and the soldier prepared their pipes and wrapped the compartment in choking, acrid smoke, spitting and coughing and enjoying themselves.
'Though past question we have good Gods Jullundur-way,' said the cultivator's wife, looking out of the window.
'What is this?' The cultivator's wife leaned forward, her bracelets clinking on her arm.
'We abide here upon a law-suit,' said the cultivator's wife to Kim.
He returned to find the cultivator's cousin's younger brother discussing the family law-suit in all its bearings with the cultivator and his wife and a few friends, while the lama dozed.
'How thinkest thou of this one?' said the cultivator aside to the priest.
'And her mother bore her husband four sons in four years all likely boys,' cried the cultivator's wife, sitting outside the circle in the shadow.
'There was indeed a man of the Ludhiana Sikhs in the carriage from Lahore,' said the cultivator's wife hopefully.
DIGGING the garden can be a back breaking job at the best of times, so we're offering our readers the chance to make the job a little easier with this garden cultivator.
I recently restored a 1912 corn surface cultivator manufactured by J.D.
Among other policy requirements, a hemp cultivator must follow local and federal hemp production regulations and have a contract for the purchase of the insured hemp.