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yields the staple food of 50 percent of world's population


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Both Asian and African cultivated rice "broke" at roughly the same places under selection pressure from early farmers.
The discovery of rice phytolith, hardened remains of mineral matter secreted by living plants, under the Asanebana shell mound predates the earliest known remains of cultivated rice in Japan, said Hiroaki Kobayashi, a professor at the Okayama University of Science.
Its goal is to collect and preserve the genetic resources of the Earth's cultivated rice and wild species before they disappear.
The exact date and location of the first cultivated rice remains obscure but it is thought to have taken place between 2000 and 1500 B.
The initial path, through numerous well cultivated rice paddies, was about 2 meters wide.
Remains of early cultivated rice have been found in the Yangtze valley dating to about 8500 BC .
Cultivated rice ranges from highly managed, irrigated systems to types grown in unmanaged fields.
2600-2300 BC) were claimed to be of cultivated rice (Yang 1978; Zhang et al.
This is a way to find these valuable genes in non-domesticated rice and bring them into cultivated rice," Jackson said.
Before humans cultivated rice or wheat or domesticated animals we lived on fruit and nuts with an occasional bit of protein.
Based on table 1 and 2, leaf area for both cultivars was less than for BYG grown with either Hashemi or Deylamani, indicating that BYG had more competitive ability than cultivated rice and rice cultivars had a disadvantage in capturing the resources for its leaf area extension.
varieties lacking resistance, hoping to transfer resistance genes from these wild species to cultivated rice to create new germplasm.
Sequence variation of simple sequence repeats on chromosome-4 in two subspecies of Asian cultivated rice.
A weedy relative of cultivated rice, red rice can constrain production of rice grown for food.
Additionally, preceding the conference was the publication of an edited volume on the origin and differentiation of Chinese cultivated rice (Wang & Sun 1996).