cultivated land

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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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She predicted that the solution to ensure that people are fed is not only increasing arable land but also increasing the yield from the currently cultivated land.
A "green belt" of cultivated land will be planted to protect the development from sand blowing in from the surrounding desert.
The usage of the land controls the whole process, where the land also includes private Palestinian land and cultivated land.
Farmers must declare the size of the cultivated land, the amounts of tobacco produced and sold in 2013 and the size of the land on which they plan to grow tobacco in 2014.
Satellite data will be also used to explore deposits of precious stones and semiprecious stones, to assess cultivated land, to monitor emergency situations and to control border areas.
One of the irrigation projects involves building of irrigation networks for a new cultivated land with an area of about one million hectares (10,000 square kilometers), said Naseeb.
Cultivated land should not be terminated with this way," added BaryyE-.
Soil Mean soil samples thickness thickness (cm) (cm) Cultivated land Strong erosional area 21 5-40 26.
Ranjha said that every farmer would be given 8 gunny bags (100 kg bag) per one acre of cultivated land of wheat and for this purpose Food and revenue departments have already been given directions.
It is a matter of concern that cultivated land was facing around 95 percent nitrogen deficiency, 80-90 percent phosphorus deficiency and 30 percent in potassium.
Scarcity of arable land and water, increased competition for cultivated land and cost effective production are the major constraints faced by this industry
The section will be reconstructed by preparing parallel construction roads on the adjacent cultivated land.
He told that a draft named " Households Pesticides Act 2015" has already been submitted by him to federal and provincial governments for legislation to keep clean house, streets, markets, offices, cattle and poultry forms cultivated land to prevent people from Dengi disease.
It aims to increase its production capacity in April 2016 by expanding the cultivated land for peanut plants.
The sector offers high margins of profits, making use of the large incentives offered by the government, cultivated land, long-term rent contracts and tax exemptions.