cultivated land

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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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Thus, immediately adjoining the park des Tournelles, between the Rue Saint-Antoine and the Vielle Rue du Temple, there stood Sainte-Catherine, with its immense cultivated lands, which were terminated only by the wall of Paris.
Fodder crops accounted for the largest amount of cultivated land, with a total area of 118,895 acres and a total production of 1,648,471 tonnes, followed by fruit crops, with a total area of 76,742 acres and a total production of 459,695 tonnes, and vegetables, with a total area of 53,457 acres and production of 817,940 tonnes.
Official said that during the anti-encroachment drive, the university was handed over only around 180 acres cultivated land, while no settlement was moved from the remaining 118 acres of land.
In Upper Dir district, a house was washed away in Kumrat, a picturesque tourist spot, and thousands of acres of cultivated land was destroyed due to flash floods late on Thursday night.
Meanwhile, due to lack of irrigation water, there is a decline in cultivated land in the country.
Another piece of cultivated land about 15 kanals situated in same the vicinity has been retrieved by un-ploughed the illegal cultivated crops with the help of tractor.
Another piece of cultivated land about 15 kanal situated in same the vicinity has been retrieved by un-ploughed the illegal cultivated crops with the help of Tractor.
During the census, the enumerators will collect data on food grains, fisheries and livestock, size of the agriculture households, land use, size of the cultivated land, number of cattle and poultry, agricultural machineries, food security, fisheries and forests in the urban and rural areas across the country, said an official at the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).
The figure shows that the current total cultivated land area is 226,000ha, while the harvested land area is 201,000ha.
It is very well suited for reflection of wave currents, tides, shallow water, mangroves, wetland, soil degradation, vegetation, cultivated land and coastal changes.
In a press conference for announcing the ministry's plan for countering the black clouds in 2018, Fouad explained that despite the decrease in cultivated land of rice this year, the mission for countering air pollution is not easy as burning the rice straw is not the only reason for the black clouds phenomena, but there are additional reasons, such as the self-ignition of the random dumps and the emissions of the industrial institutions and vehicles exhausts.
The IDSC, which is a subset of the Cabinet, quoted the supply ministry as saying that wheat will be cultivated this year on a land of 3 million feddans as agreed on previously, and that the government is seeking to increase the size of the cultivated land to fill the gap between production and consumption.
Following the glacier melt, at least 30 houses were inundated as well as cultivated land, a link road and cattle farms.
Hundreds of kanals of cultivated land was submerged and crops damaged.