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Synonyms for cultivated

Synonyms for cultivated

characterized by discriminating taste and broad knowledge as a result of development or education

Synonyms for cultivated

(of land or fields) prepared for raising crops by plowing or fertilizing


no longer in the natural state

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marked by refinement in taste and manners

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However, species cultivated only for commercial purpose were found in 11 home gardens and species cultivated for both domestic and commercial purpose were recorded in 13 home gardens.
Such policies should utilize such tools as input subsidies, direct income support per ha of cotton cultivated and product support per kg of cotton produced.
It added that the governorates of Sharqeya, Beheira and Daqahleya are the most prominent wheat cultivators, with their total cultivated area at 1.
MMI will assist A Cultivated Mindset in its mission to promote new apps through a public relations campaign that includes targeted traditional and social media efforts, media relations and strategic planning.
In 2000 when people came to visit the lands that were liberated from Israel, the difference was obvious between the Israeli lands cultivated with fruits and vegetables and the bare, recently liberated lands on the Lebanese side," he continued.
The workshop concluded with a visit to inspect dry-land cultivated pastures in the Grootfontein district, on the farm Blystroom of Mr.
Meanwhile, the KPK government has taken other steps in this regard as well and issued a notification to make it mandatory for owners and cultivators of 121/2 acres or more of cultivated irrigated land, 25 acres of cultivated non-irrigated land or mature orchard having net income more than Rs100,000 to self-assess their agriculture income and file agricultural income tax returns.
About 79% of agricultural holdings cultivated with permanent and temporary crops:
Cherry of the occupied Syrian Golan is famous for being one of the best kinds of cherry cultivated in the region as it grows in a temperature which is always less several degrees than neighboring places which makes the fruit rich of water.
ISLAMABAD, July 2 -- Green chillies have been cultivated over 63.
Hops have emerged as one of the main cash crops of the region and are being cultivated in around 63 hectares of the land area.
MANAMA: Pearl and jewelry traders in Bahrain are being warned to refrain from selling cultivated pearls on the island.
POLICE who raided a house in County Durham found a haul of cannabis plants worth up to pounds 25,000 being cultivated in the loft.
It also analyses relative equity performance in cultivated irrigated area as compare to the total cultivated area.