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(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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The province could not bear loss of single cusec of water, the minister said and added that as a result of non release of required water, the command areas of fifty percent command areas of the distributaries of Pat Feeder Canal and Kheer Thar Canal have converted into non cultivatable land during last three years.
The process for bringing the total cultivatable land of 74,303 hectares under organic farming commenced at ground levels from 2010.
These customary inheritance arrangements combine with factors like population growth, in-migration and the designation of national parks on cultivatable land to produce an overall pattern of reduced land availability for households (Bonnin and Turner 2012, p.
The landmines are reported to have left almost 700,000 acres of Egypt's arable land useless, approximately 10% of the country's total cultivatable area.
The extensive green houses-with cultivatable dirt floors and retractable roof panels, which automatically open to the sky, letting fresh air in when the temperature warrants it-also have crop rotation, but here it is done every 10 years.
The American Farm Bureau Federation has been one of many organizations lobbying for commercial UAV use, since drones would allow farmers to more efficiently scout fields, determine cultivatable land, and understand the extent of loss and actual crop yield to improve performance or file insurance claims.
The contract coolies portrayed in Lulofs's novel own livestock and cultivatable land in Java (1982:15).
The House of Commons (read Anglo-Irish) surveys of this period regarded bogland as unproductive wasteland, which should be transformed into homogenous, cultivatable soil.
The members of this phylum are aerobes widely distributed in nature and usually found from sludge have un-identified lineages with few cultivatable (Zhang et al.
Thus, it is possible to further reclaim cultivatable wasteland in Myanmar.
"[After the flood] 90 percent of the land in Hunza is not liveable, and only 4 percent is cultivatable, so the [loss of the] land is worth a lot more [in compensation] than the 600,000 rupees [$6,000] given to families."
To overcome food crises through increasing per acre yield from decreasing cultivatable land.
The cultivatable area is about 2.2 million ha, which forms 7% of the total area of the country.
Metagenomic approaches avoid the bias that is introduced when selective culturing is applied because [approximately equal to] 80% of the gut microbiota is not cultivatable (11).
These cut into cultivatable land, erode productivity, and ratchet insecurity, the World Bank said.