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(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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From the analysis result of water requirement for agricultural irrigation and drainage in comparison to water supply, we can perform further analysis on water balance in order to compute an optimum size of cultivatable land.
No strong correlation between bacteria cultivatable heterotrophic bacteria concentrations and marine environmental conditions was found during the study period.
The free draining site, which hosted six greenhouses, has additional cultivatable land, parking area and wide entrance splays.
That suggests a significant amount of forest clearance was occurring, presumably to increase the area of cultivatable land," he further added.
Sudan still has large areas of cultivatable land, as well as oil, gold and cotton.
On this, Minister of State for Finance Rana Afzal said that over Rs1 billion agriculture loans had been given by ZTBL last year of which 77pc was given to Punjab on the basis of cultivatable land.
Tariq while his briefing, also informed that Government of Punjab has started to promote drip and sprinkler irrigation technology in this region and due to this irrigation technology 3,233 acre land become cultivatable and besides various other projects are ongoing under Khadim-e-Punjab Kissan Package that will benefit farmers of this region.
According to her youngest son, Torab Ali, 58, the family has some cultivatable land and is not in dire economic need so Jahiron doesn't have to work.
A garden or a cultivatable piece of land will be essential if we were to ever establish a colony on our red neighbor.
Writers may well be reputed to be an aggregation of distinct and well-defined individuals laboring in compatibility in order to bring forth something on paper exclusively from their cultivatable minds; and Writer Must does give the effect to fit that analogy.
In this way, the herding Fulbe are best seen as the managers of the livestock wealth of the area, with variable rights to cultivatable land (strongest south-west of the river).
Although the cultivatable land area that Pakistan has is reported to be 59.
In addition to the hotel, Timbers has developed the estate to include fractional or whole ownership of a variety of residence types: hotel-adjacent villas, 28 farmhouses (each with a glass-tiled swimming pool), and 10 farm properties that span 100-160 acres of cultivatable land.
He said that poor farmers of Cholistan, who have less than 16-acre cultivatable land, would be provided 12.
However, the advantage of bacteria being fast replicating units, easily cultivatable in high numbers, is also their disadvantage: they are small and imperceptible, such that measures of cooperation typically rely on averaged responses across millions of cells.