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(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively

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While tolerance to a range of soil moisture conditions may increase the cultivatable range of switchgrass, it also suggests that the species is not likely to be very competitive in natural areas exposed to prolonged drought, as is common in much of California.
Moreover, 15% of Chechnya's cultivatable soil was covered by mines and almost 90% of Chechen men found themselves without jobs.
The children with CHD had higher colonisation of MS at 12 months of age, and MS constituted a higher proportion of the total cultivatable oral microflora.
The goal was to increase Egypt's cultivatable land to 25%.
This is a cultivatable mushroom but you would not want to eat it.
First, it Consideration of cultivatable and adversely insult lands by experts view point.
Evaluation of three COPAN viral transport systems for the recovery of cultivatable, clinical virus isolates.
It has also been decided that the government would ensure bringing all available land in a cultivatable position before allotment and all basic services would be provided.
In addition, Iraq boasted larger cities than Persia and had move cultivatable marsh and flatlands versus the mountains of Persia.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to compare the changes in the different panels by means of cultivatable heterotrophic bacteria, and then the Tukey Honesty nonparametric test was chosen for further analysis.
43) Yet more than nine months after the relocations had begun, villagers were still living in either canvas tents or out in the open air and the new land was not cultivatable.
In it are marvelous pine groves, and there are very large tracts of cultivatable lands, and there is honey, and there are birds of many kinds and fruits in great diversity.
The free draining site, which hosted six greenhouses, has additional cultivatable land, parking area and wide entrance splays.
That suggests a significant amount of forest clearance was occurring, presumably to increase the area of cultivatable land," he further added.
Mechanization in agriculture led to significant rise in cultivatable fields and this caused a relative prosperity.