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a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation

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To calculate the mean intrinsic rate of increase (rm) of female aphids on each plant cultivar were calculated for analysis using the equation;
Twelve plants were monitored for growth and height within each cultivar.
virescens could, therefore, be defined: susceptible soybean cultivars (P 98Y30 RR, BRSGO Jatai, and BRS 8160 RR), moderately resistant cultivars (NA 7337 RR, SYN 1163 RR, NK 7059 RR, and ANTA 82 RR), one cultivar classified as resistant (IAC 100), and one cultivar classified as highly resistant (M 7110 IPRO).
A similar pattern to that in "Wine Grape Acreage by Region and Type" is seen when accounting for the evolution of vinifera and resistant cultivar acreage between the two primary grapegrowing regions.
Hybrids were found with a total fruit mass that was higher than that of the cultivar Aromas in every breeding in which this cultivar was one of the parents, except when combined with the cultivar Tudla.
Fifty grams from each replicate for each lentil cultivar were randomly and separately taken.
The cultivar BRS Monarca showed higher shoot and root dry matter production when cultivated in the presence and absence of [Al.
Comparing 'Brazos' behavior in regions that have colder weather, as in the south of Brazil, the harvest of blackberries of this cultivar occurred between the second half of November and the first half of January, with an average 54 days duration (ANTUNES et al.
The assessed plant variables comprised: a) the trunk section increment (mm) of the cultivar in the graft union region; b) the trunk section increment (mm) of the rootstock in the graft union region; c) the difference in diameter between the grafted cultivar and rootstock; d) "translocated" incompatibility; e) "located" incompatibility; and f) by assessing the vascular connection in the graft union region by immersing the bases of the plants (below the graft union region) in 0.
Hardneck cultivars tend to grow and thrive better in regions with severe winters.
The wheat cultivar Mingxian 169, is a susceptible variety to all of the stripe rust pathotypes identified in China so far and was used as a susceptible control.
In accordance with the three-way agreement, all three Louisiana organizations jointly decide on a cultivar release [5].
Since grains of different cultivars have different dimensions, five distinct times were required for each cultivar to reach the range of 28-32 g 100 [g.
Therefore in any cropping system cultivar selection is the key factor (Nichols et al.