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a member of a religious cult

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a member of an unorthodox cult who generally lives outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader

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One of those killed was identified as a certain "Kumander Badoy," said to be a local leader of the cultist "Pulahan (red)" group of Ilonggo migrants from the adjacent town of Tulunan in North Cotabato.
As a specialist of the John Frum cult in Tanna (Vanuatu), one of the most famous Cargo cults in popular and scientific literature, his main ambition is to stress the complexities of such movements by showing that if factually they are basically Melanesian, accounts about them are mostly Western: "Postwar cultural anthropologists and cargo cultists worked to make sense of each other's horizon" though neither Lindstrom nor other anthropologists who worked on John Frum materials (see for example O'Reilly, Guiart, Bonnemaison, Brunton, Bastin or myself) have much insisted on the notion of "Cargo cult" even if through the quality of their ethnographies, they have contributed to raise John Frum to the Cargo Cults' top ten in the Western imagination.
Early this month, the Tokyo High Court upheld a ruling that found Shinichi Koshikawa, 39, guilty of strangling Kotaro Ochida as he entered an AUM facility in the village of Kamikuishiki, Yamanashi Prefecture, to try to rescue an ill female cultist on Jan.
In ten years, Harvey might be Annie Lennox, a video nightclub singer with an occasional surprise in her; she might be a bar owner, a cultist, or dead.
There have been talks that the deceased was a cultist and that he was struggling with a soldier when the gun went off
But Conrad stands out as a perversely fascinating wildcard: By shrewdly underplaying rather than underscoring the obvious, he makes his self-justifying cultist all the more skin-crawlingly creepy.
Lawyers for a former senior AUM Shinrikyo cultist sentenced to death for killing an anti-AUM lawyer, his wife and infant son, and other acts asked for a lighter sentence at an appeal court hearing Wednesday.
She landed her big-screen debut in 1975 - a minor part in Otto Preminger's Rosebud, and first attracted attention as a brainwashed cultist in Ticket to Heaven in 1981.
The defense counsel of a former senior AUM Shinrikyo cult member, charged with murdering a lawyer, his family and a fellow cultist in 1989, called for leniency Wednesday, saying the crime could not have been uncovered without the defendant's confession.
Ortega made a name with transvestite-starring comedy "Los Roldan" (The Roldans) and cultist favorites about hackers, prisoners, psychos, thirtysomethings and whores that have broken away from the comedies and dramas about ordinary families popular since the 1990s.
On March 25, 2002, the Tokyo District Court found him guilty of murdering Kotaro Ochida, of threatening a fellow cultist who attempted to leave the sect and of interfering in the duties of a public official.
Astbury's leather-lunged delivery on standouts like ``American Gothic'' and ``War'' still sounds great while ex-Guns N' Roses drummer and previous Cultist Matt Sorum adds to the throbbing bottom end.
Their diversity was one way to interrupt the flow of Nirvana soundalikes, and all it took was the success of a few key artists -- lang, Etheridge, Courtney Love's Hole, and, of course, Alanis Morissette -- for radio stations, record companies, and the music press to court female talent once considered too radical or cultist.
Former senior AUM member Kazuaki Okazaki was handed the penalty last fall for his part in the 1989 murders of an anti-AUM lawyer, his wife and their infant son, as well as for the killing of a fellow cultist.
The satirists show her in one panel hooded like a Heaven's Gate suicide cultist.