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a member of a religious cult

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a member of an unorthodox cult who generally lives outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader

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Burridge's modernist conclusion is that Papua New Guineans were correct to be cargo cultists, only they were going about things the wrong way given an unfortunate but understandable interference from their local myth-dreams.
The high court ruled he conspired with AUM founder Shoko Asahara and other senior cultists to carry out the guru's plan to kill Ochida, 29, and had a major role in the murder.
In February the same year, he also killed a cultist Shuji Taguchi, 21, who was hoping to quit the group.
Their diversity was one way to interrupt the flow of Nirvana soundalikes, and all it took was the success of a few key artists -- lang, Etheridge, Courtney Love's Hole, and, of course, Alanis Morissette -- for radio stations, record companies, and the music press to court female talent once considered too radical or cultist.
These include statements that conflict with the basic tenets of the constitution; statements that harm national unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity; revealing state secrets and damage national security and national interests; efforts to incite ethnic tensions and violence and hurt ethnic unity; efforts to spread cultist or superstitious thinking; spreading rumors to disrupt social harmony; obscenities; promoting illegal protests, assembly and demonstrations; and other activities stipulated by authorities.
Prince Saud Al-Faisal also explained that attacks on Saudi Arabia and its religious establishment "will undermine the country that is waging total war against them [Al-Qaeda], and that is probably the country most capable of preventing them from spreading their cultist ideology in the Islamic world.
On March 25, 2002, the Tokyo District Court found him guilty of murdering Kotaro Ochida, of threatening a fellow cultist who attempted to leave the sect and of interfering in the duties of a public official.
Astbury's leather-lunged delivery on standouts like ``American Gothic'' and ``War'' still sounds great while ex-Guns N' Roses drummer and previous Cultist Matt Sorum adds to the throbbing bottom end.
Former senior AUM member Kazuaki Okazaki was handed the penalty last fall for his part in the 1989 murders of an anti-AUM lawyer, his wife and their infant son, as well as for the killing of a fellow cultist.
The lawyers are expected to continue cross-examinations of a doctor, who had examined victims of the Matsumoto attack, and of Satoru Hashimoto, 31, a former cultist who had been indicted in the Matsumoto case.
The satirists show her in one panel hooded like a Heaven's Gate suicide cultist.
AUM Shinrikyo cultist Tomomasa Nakagawa on Wednesday appealed a death penalty ruling the Tokyo District Court handed down recently for his role in the sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system and the murder of a lawyer and his family.
The Tokyo District Court sentenced senior AUM Shinrikyo cultist Tomomasa Nakagawa to death Wednesday for his role in the killings of 25 people in cases including the sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway and in Nagano Prefecture.
The Tokyo High Court on Thursday upheld a lower court ruling that sentenced a senior AUM Shinrikyo cultist to life in prison for his involvement in the 1994 sarin gas attack in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, that killed seven people and injured many others.
The AUM Shinrikyo cult's one-time ''home affairs minister'' Tomomitsu Niimi married a former female cultist from jail in December in what investigators suspect may be a bid to use her as a liaison to the sect, police sources said Saturday.