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Evidence of these aggressive acts are further seen in the high rate of bullying in Nigeria secondary schools (Egbochukwu, 2007), school cultism (gangster) which involve fighting and killing among rival cult or gangster members (Ajayi et al.
The show thus set out the full, bewildering plethora of Shavian themes, which range from the perennial big topics (sex, religion, myth, the unconscious, cultism, consumerism, advertising, US politics, history, and culture) to a tsunami of minutiae: obscure rock groups, comics, holy imagery seen in pizza toppings, and the complex rigmarole of "Oism," Shaw's homegrown, Mormon-style feminist cult.
Dictatorship culminates to cultism, for Gaddafi, he was the alpha and the omega, the pillar of knowledge (Al-Muallim), the great thinker (Mufaqqir), the engineer (Al-Mu-andis) to many of his Hench-men, then to a common man Libyan, this led the rot of the regime run to the very marrow of the nation, what a travesty?
Literature's view of human nature," Rushdie observes at the end of the memoir, "encouraged understanding, sympathy, and identification with people not like oneself, but the world was pushing everyone in the opposite direction, toward narrowness, bigotry, tribalism, cultism and war.
This coordination is most clear in our "identical views and close stances as well as the harmony in efforts towards the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the repercussions of the Syrian crisis, the dangers of spreading nuclear weapons in the region, and the relentless efforts to extinguish the fire of sectarian seditions and cultism in the region," Prince Saud added.
Informative chapters on ideology and religious cultism, Himmler's leadership style, and his role as educator of the Black Corps herald the onset of the war.
Evidently he can overlook a little cultism when the alternative is another four years of Barack Obama.
In fact, postwar American movie cultism emerged through a vigorous reassertion of oppositional snobbery, and it ended up broadening the scope of tastes in society (Taylor, 2001).
The appeal of disaster cultism may be how it turns the ultimate metaphysical puzzle into a detective story by adding special circumstances to the mix.
Cultism in Nigerian schools have made some students to withdraw from school, especially in cases where they are intimidated by their peers to join the cults.
Let me conclude by saying that conceptual transformation within a philosophical milieu can be hindered by excessive intimacy, risking the danger of creating a closed field of thought, and a sort of cultism.
The Crimses are exemplars of the many thousands of residents of other states, especially from the Midwest, who migrated to Southern California in the earliest decades of the twentieth century; the New York Times called the Crimses "convincing specimens of their class" ("Religious Mania" 15), whose number and religious beliefs and practices contributed to the now-legendary reputation that Southern California earned, deservedly or otherwise, as the nexus of spiritual cultism and fanaticism in the United States.
The Freethinkers Child" combines theology, cultism, the paranormal, satanic worship, and the supernatural.
Equally, there has been an increase in cases of armed robbery and banditry, kidnapping, cultism, drug trafficking and addiction, HIV/AIDS etc.
This is a far cry from the allegations of brainwashing and cultism which Mr Curtis, and now the media, sought to portray.