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Synonyms for cult

Synonyms for cult

followers of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices

an interest followed with exaggerated zeal

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followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader

a religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, or false

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I urge NCR to watch and report on the activities of this cult.
Okoli explained that the deceased, popularly called Ire, was shot and killed at Sunnyside Pretoria, South Africa in what appeared like a cult related killing.
Rogers claimed her boyfriend was so distraught by the cult that he asked her to shoot him and put a gun in her hands and manipulated her to pull the trigger.
And so we look at what a cult really is and why if you see someone struggling with one, it's best to take action.
Cult leader Shoko Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, had been in prison for 22 years before he was executed this week, reported CNN.
"The selector confirmed that there is also a chance that Fawad Alam might be further shortlisted, but that too would be to fuel the cult."You never know he might even be selected in the final squad, but believe me he will not be in the starting 11 that would just demolish the cult," he said.
Never in the history of the Labour Party have MPs or candidates been asked to join a cult or face deslection.
The cult perception also dangerously mystifies ISIS
With his book, Christian Oertel aims to change that and provide 'a picture of the cult of St Erik which is as complete as possible concerning its spatial and social dispersal and concerning its supporters and their strategies of promoting the cult' (p.
While the academic study of the cult film was effectively inaugurated with The Cult Film Experience: Against All Reason more than 20 years ago, the best-known and most frequently discussed cult film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (the quintessential midnight movie), debuted in 1975.
The clash of gigs didn't seem to have to have an adverse impact on The Cult's show, with a healthy showing for the return of one of the UK's finest rock acts.
The clash of gigs didn't seem to have to have an adverse impact on The Cult's show with a healthy showing for the return of one of the UK's finest rock acts.
Glynn's work traces the journey of Quadrophenia from album to film to cult object over four chapters.
As this text points out, other dictators, such as Francisco Franco of Spain and Adolph Hitler of Germany, contemporaries of the Duce, and even others in more recent times, such as Peron of Argentina, Chiang Kai-shek of China, Ceau[section]escu of Romania, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq, drew much inspiration from Mussolini's regime and emulated many aspects of the personality cult that was created, cultivated, and managed during the Duce's 20 years of government.
Crazy 4 Cult: Movie Art 2 provides the second cult movie-art book from Gallery 1988, an art gallery specializing in the form, and covers the annual Crazy 4 Cult art show which has attracted big crowds and buyers.