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Synonyms for culprit

Synonyms for culprit

someone who perpetrates wrongdoing


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The flow of raids and moves will be intensified against the culprits in Company's franchise areas.
Regarding other punishments in Islam, an example should be made out of the culprit for deterrence in the society against the crime.
Tim Woolley says it was a miracle no-one was hurt or badly injured and has now offered a reward of PS1,000 for the conviction of the culprits.
Two of the culprits were arrested at the Muscat International Airport the very next day after they committed the crime.
And next Friday Culprit One will be among the seven live acts playing at Clwb Ifor Bach for the launch party of for Boobytrap Records' album A Step In The Left Direction.
Read about the culprits that are creating this atmosphere and take a look at options for Coca Cola Co.
There was great pressure on the police to arrest the culprits.
The Govt should initiate FIR on these issue and must include the respective clause pertaining to Terrorism enabling the culprits not to avail the bail facilities.
This is because the court gives the culprit plenty of time to escape and leave the country.
This final ability may significantly enhance the picture's likeness to the real culprit, claims Caldwell.
OB) reports on new studies in Denmark that the researchers say proves the mouse is the culprit in RSI and repetition is the problem in a study they performed on 3,5000 workers at 11 Danish companies.
The court awarded one year jail to culprit Imran and collective fine of Rs 1,50,000 was imposed to three other culprits including Hassan Raza, Sarfraz and Ameer in the same case.
Now, researchers at Stanford University report evidence that the culprit in Huntington's disease may be one of a group of compounds called excitotoxins.
The one-of-a-kind Great Conch Shell is missing, and it's up to the spunky female detective Freddi Fish(tm) and her best pal Luther to catch the culprit and save the annual Founder's Day Festival.