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Synonyms for culmination

Synonyms for culmination

Synonyms for culmination

a final climactic stage


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(astronomy) a heavenly body's highest celestial point above an observer's horizon

the decisive moment in a novel or play

References in classic literature ?
Capitalism was adjudged by the sociologists of the time to be the culmination of bourgeois rule, the ripened fruit of the bourgeois revolution.
Browning's works, the culmination of his dramatic method, and the turning-point more decisively than Dramatis Personae of his style.
I noted them walking the deck together one morning, and I likened them to the extreme ends of the human ladder of evolution--the one the culmination of all savagery, the other the finished product of the finest civilization.
In the eyes of the latter shone a strange gleam--it was the wild light of insanity that the sudden nervous shock of the attack had brought to a premature culmination.
The event of to-day he knew to be the culmination of a success as rapid as it had been surprising.