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stem of plants of the Gramineae

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During the drying process, samples underwent changes in bamboo culm diameter and wall thickness along with water loss.
The results showed in Table 1 agree with those results founds by Liese (1998), who argued that the most compound into the Guadua angustifolia culm is insoluble fiber.
In these last cases the proliferation of trophotagma enrichment axes occurs at upper culm nodes.
Compartmentation of sucrose during radial transfer in mature sorghum culm. BMC Plant Biology, 2007; 7: 1-10
Following this, seedling culm was cut at the soil surface using a sharp plant pruning scissor and separated from the rhizome.
The daily rate of leaf production in the main culm in the SimlArroz model was calculated according to Streck et al.
Indeed, rice breeders have introduced some grain-increasing genes into rice cultivars, but such rice varieties tend to develop larger panicles with more grains than the culm could support, hence, resulting again in lodging.
"I'm starting to ride out again now," said Fuller, 21, who needed a broken bone in her ankle pinned after being unseated from Culm Counsellor in an amateur riders' handicap hurdle on August 18.
During anthesis, the highest N and P contents were found in the flag leaf and culm, respectively and at harvest, N and P contents were higher in the grain.
Chinese researchers reported wild giant pandas in Wolong Mountains daily consumed 12.8 kg of fresh bamboo (leaf and culm), or 38 kg of Fargesiarobusta Yi bamboo shoots; giant pandas in Tsinling Mountains daily consumed 10-15 kg of Bashaniafargesii bamboo or 45.2-57 kg of bamboo shoots; giant pandas in Liangshan Mountains daily consumed 21.3 kg of bamboo in the summer and 17.37 kg of Qiongzhueamacrophylla bamboo in the autumn; In the case of captive giant pandas, it was reported that they daily takes about 15 kg of bamboo (Hu 2001).
The primarily Brazilian researchers investigate the mechanical behavior of bamboo under compression along the culm, new ways to bond bamboo with concrete, the properties of lime-based mortars made from kaolin waste, the reinforcement of adobe walls with toad rush mesh, and the grinding of residual sugar cane bagasse ash.
The culm wall is composed of parenchymal cells in the spaces between the vascular bundles and the fibers; the fibers, constitute 40-50% of the total culm tissue and 60-70% of their weight [7].