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Synonyms for cull

Synonyms for cull

to make a choice from a number of alternatives

to collect (something) bit by bit

Synonyms for cull

the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality


remove something that has been rejected

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'Adding to the problems Rick mentioned is the tendency to push this work out until the very end of construction,' Culler said.
Culler's models can be used to explain the way a hybrid novel (in terms of the novel's application of different generic conventions) like The Unicorn is commonly read.
What follows is an excerpt from Prisoner of the Swiss: A World War II Airman's Story by Dan Culler and Rob Morris (Casemate Publishers, 2017).
En dicho soneto, considerado por Paz como el compendio de la poesia amorosa sorjuanina (380), dicha voz femenina se dirige al ser amado como alguien que elude su sentir como sombra, desplegandose los deicticos que nos obligan, como lectores, "a construir una situacion ficticia en que se produce en la expresion, a dar vida a una voz y a una fuerza a las que se dirige" (Culler, "La poetica de la lirica" 236).
Some scholars, such as Jonathan Culler, Haun Saussy, David Damrosch have caught the key point of the crisis.
"For the last two congressional sessions, we have strongly supported the Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act, which will clarify the definition of private flood insurance and preserve our market's ability to offer private flood insurance solutions and alternatives to consumers," said Culler. "We have worked diligently in coalition with banking and insurance industry members to pass this legislation and are very hopeful that over the next few weeks of debate on the reauthorization of the NFIP, that our bill will be passed along with it.
Culler specifically cites the ephemeral and empty nature of Whitman's apostrophic tendencies:
Kyle Sliwerski, a vice president at Lockton, says the increased capacity supported by alternative-capital sources has "influenced pricing in the retail client's favor." Culler adds that the alternative capital entering the market "is probably the most dramatic change in the marketplace.
Cindy Culler wrote that everyone lost a best friend.
Giovanni, vice president of West Coast sales and marketing for Italian-based Bruni Glass Packaging, said culler is "readily and consistently available" in places like northern Europe, where the government ensures a consistent supply.
The age of ideas is deader than a badger caught in a culler's sight.
Scott Culler, regional president of Markel West Insurance Services in Woodland Hills, Calif., agreed, adding that an agent who takes the time to become familiar with the options the nonstandard market offers potential clients opens the door to many new opportunities and beneficial relationships, especially as the market changes.
Jonathan Culler gee in sy monografie oor Roland Barthes nuttige uiteensettings en omskrywings waaroor elke kode kortliks handel en vir die doel van die bespreking word die in die volgende ontleding ingesluit.