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Synonyms for cul-de-sac

dead end

Synonyms for cul-de-sac

a course leading nowhere

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25: Clearwater Lane, Dixie Drive, Osage Street, 40th Place, Longridge Drive (cul-de-sac to Richland Street), Richland Street (near 39th Street), 39th Street (east side), Dondea Street, Dondea cul-de-sacs (three locations), Winslow Street, Winslow cul-de-sac, Yolanda Avenue, 34th Street and 32nd Street.
Challenges with exposure, entry into the anterior cul-de-sac, hemostasis, avoidance of ureteral and bladder injury, and removal of the large uterus have been the main stumbling blocks for many surgeons in choosing the vaginal route.
Ingram said there was a perception that cul-de-sacs offered a better quality of life, but his study showed many who moved into Ramsay Street-style settings later came to regret the move.
Judge Place is one of three cul-de-sacs from Thompson's childhood, the one he would live on the longest and where his father, Richard Sr., 88, has long resided.
In order to conquer a dip and become the best in the world, you have to quit all the cul-de-sacs you're idling through, Godin says.
SUBURBAN cul-de-sacs may be phased out in favour of "greener" city living - if the Prince of Wales gets his way.
Options discussed were road narrowing, one-way traffic, no right or left turn into Everest Avenue at either end, and the closure of the road, making two cul-de-sacs.
It argues cul-de-sacs discourage walking, cycling and public transport - and increase congestion.
Winding cul-de-sacs may look pretty and feel safe from rat-running motorists, but they are exacerbating congestion on main roads by forcing residents to use cars.
Stephen Town and Randall O'Toole assert that the safest neighborhoods are dominated by cul-de-sacs that are as isolated as possible from stores and from other streets, implying that any neighborhood in which residents can walk anywhere at all is "custom made for easy crime" because of the possible influx of strangers.
Weston's two-acre zoning, paired with a near-total absence of public transit, results in an inefficient series of residential cul-de-sacs with three-car family garages.
From such an auspicious start, Kunstler over the past eight years appears to have lost his intellectual compass, perhaps as a result of spinning around too many cul-de-sacs. Proof of the author's nosedive comes in his latest book, The City in Mind, a mishmash of history and planning critique of Paris, Atlanta, Mexico City, Berlin, Las Vegas, Rome, Boston, and London.
Each floor is designed as a quadrangle, with a mix of classrooms, research space, and offices around the open atrium and with many open spaces and cul-de-sacs that are furnished with chairs and tables for conversation, reading, and relaxing between classes.