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cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable

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With help from Bob the Tomato, players will discover secret doors, hidden villages and ancient ruins through 15 challenging levels to help Minnesota Cuke find the culprit.
My first batch of cukes, tomatoes, and peppers I put out with paper collars to keep off the cutworms.
From there, you need only cut the cuke open, scoop the seeds and surrounding tissue into an uncovered bowl and gently mix in an equal amount of water.
Hundreds of boxes of fresh cukes were unloaded throughout the morning after the rig hit the low bridge around 6 a.
They took a leap of faith and started a business with a pickle recipe from Jenny's grandmother and some homegrown cukes.
t=232712) message boards have aggregated or reposted the article, taking it and face value and warning readers to stay away from Monsanto cukes.
based EuroFresh describes the Snacking Cucumbers as seedless petite cukes with a non-bitter skin, sold in 8-ounce bags.
In late July, when they normally start harvesting to bring the cukes to us, they tilled under that crop and replanted.
With donations of money, cucumbers from all kinds of people (including a local farmer's market) and cukes from our own Hope Garden, we collected and delivered 51 dozen to Feed Nova Scotia.
Soon I had zucchini leaves reaching as high as my forehead, bushels of tomatoes, cukes, and more.
Similar to worms, sea cukes consume nutrient-rich waste and stir up the soil, acting as a natural cleaner.
If space is an issue, consider growing vertically on a trellis, fence, or other support, as it will contain the vines and keep them from sprawling throughout the garden, and with better air circulation and sunlight, they will produce more cukes.
Keep large fruit from forming; otherwise fewer cukes will be formed.
I had always considered cukes to be an exceedingly bland addition to the salad bowl.