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sports implement consisting of a tapering rod used to strike a cue ball in pool or billiards

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The Tank Cue Stick Holder's proprietary features enable it to prevent potentially costly damage to pool cues.
Craig stood up from the table, picked up the little red-sided cube and dabbed blue chalk on the tip of his cue stick. Compact and muscular in a brown pullover sweater and blue jeans, he turned to face his opponent, Reggie Beal, and grinned.
While pool is a game often played in public venues, you can hear the crack of the cue stick hitting the ball in the "great rooms" or family rooms of suburbia such as the Sterling home of Marianne and David Plourde, where renovations are under way to provide a suitable space for pool-playing.
Is Queenie holding Stein's cue stick? Whether this pastiche is set in a public pool hall or in a friend's home is also an alluring question, as the two possibilities have diametrically opposite socio-economic implications--yet one can readily imagine Stein hanging out in either sort of place.
Some contain a cue stick that can be screwed onto the bottom.
Hartsell picked up a cue stick only twice while growing up in west Eugene's Danebo neighborhood.
Davis has been in tremendous form so far, and his victory over Japan's Kunihiko Takahashi - the 1998 world champion - just added another notch on his cue stick which has already included the names of past global kings like Efren Reyes and Ralf Souquet.
They used an ultrafine tip of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) as a cue stick to shoot single atoms of bromine around a super-smooth copper table.
The problem with some of the judges is that they are using the smaller flag (36"') for other purposes, like practicing their fencing or 9-iron shot or as a pool-room cue stick instead of keeping it in clear view at all times.
Sun City Cue Club: The Sun City Cue Club recently updated the pool room with a television, new bridges, pyramid chalk, and new cue stick chalk.
Reyes had supposedly retired, although there has been nothing official about The Magician hanging up his cue stick for good.
After sinking the 10-ball in the title-clinching 17th rack, Amit raised her cue stick in jubilation then got a congratulatory hug from Fisher as the confetti fell and fans roared for their sporting legend.
"I missed the five-ball once and then I made a couple of illegal breaks, not checking the rack, sometimes in too much confidence," Gabica said, referring to instances which got him to throw the cue stick in frustration.
In the main event, Aragon (Murrieta, Calif.) used his many talents with a cue stick to go undefeated and claim the hot seat on the no-loss side of the brackets.