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Synonyms for cuddly

Synonyms for cuddly

inviting cuddling or hugging


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The average Brit hugs 825 times a year - with Wales being the cuddliest region, hugging around 1,062 times a year.
Hasbro's Big Hugs Elmo is now 22 inches (up from 15), making it the "largest, cuddliest, and most lifelike Elmo plush ever," says the company.
But under the guidance of design maestro Kenya Hara, an elite roster of architects is ready to tackle the cuddliest client of all--the canine.
For one day only, Hollywood's cuddliest comic Kevin James has been given a plush enclosure at London Zoo next to a small re-creation of Australia's Outback, complete with emus and wallabies.
Ben is the bounciest of bilbies and Callum is the cuddliest cockatoo in the countryside.
These toys are undoubtedly some of the cutest, cuddliest around.
He has the softest blankets, the cuddliest teddies, the bleepiest toys and the shiniest books.
Lord Mandelson may not be the cuddliest of ministers in the Gover nment, but he is one of the most effective and he knows his way around European politics like few others.
That's the pop prize offer from Preview and the cuddliest band in the charts.
Above, cuddle a koala, one of Australia's cuddliest marsupials at the Koala Park Sanctuary in Sydney, at the Savannah Walkabout in Melbourne, at the Nambung National Park in Perth, at the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane or at the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island in Adelaide; top left, harvesting grapes in the Hunter Valley near Sydney.
With a similarly dubious explanation, Dickos leaves out Hitchcock and his British compatriots; and he chooses Otto Preminger (not the cuddliest of taskmasters) as the lone director worth studying in his chapter called "Women as Seen in the Film Noir.
Surely it's no coincidence that his cuddliest character is a thuggish producer with a heart of gold and an instinct for entertainment.
Last year, parents raided the nations toy store shelves to the cash-register ring of $20 million in hopes of finding the cuddliest teddy bear, the fastest hot rod and the cutest baby doll in town.