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any plant of the family Cucurbitaceae

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However, despite the economic damage this pest has inflicted on the cucurbit production industry, information on seasonal abundance and spatial distribution of this pest is lacking for the southern Florida agroecosystem.
I collected single squash bugs (n = 43; 19 males, 24 females) and copulating pairs (n = 65 pairs) from cucurbit plants at the Bodega Marine Reserve on the California coast (38[degrees]19'N, 123[degrees]04'W) between 21 March and 23 March 2016.
A similar trend to that of the present study for the true density has also been found for other species, such as for seeds of cucurbits (Milani et al.
These five CGMMV sequences were compared with the already reported sequences in the Gene Bank by developing a phylogenetic tree of CGMMV, which showed that Saudi isolates belong to four clusters, while make 2 clusters when compared to other cucurbit viruses like CFMMV, ZGMMV and KGMMV (Fig.
This plant species is the natural host of several viruses creates significant problems in cucurbit plants in the Mediterranean basin.
Each one of the Spanish isolates was collected from a different field in the Mediterranean cucurbit growing areas of the provinces of Castellon, Ciudad Real, Murcia and Valencia (indicated as SP-1 to SP-11) (Table 1).
Cucurbit is becoming continuously used as a general term for all taxa in the family [2].
The genome sequences of the watermelon are publicly available at the Cucurbit Genomics Database, which is created and maintained by Fei's group.
In trying to isolate the pathogen for what's called cucurbit yellow vine disease, "we kept getting this stupid contamination" with S.
Sulphur is an age-old fungicide that can be used on most vegetables except those in the Cucurbit family for the control of several diseases including mildew.
exemption for 2005--mostly for tomato, strawberry, cucurbit and pepper growers--is seven percent more than that used in the United States in 2003.