cucumber vine

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a melon vine of the genus Cucumis

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Potato vines and cucumber vines do not make good neighbors, as their close proximity to each other will lead to potato blight."
In the present investigation, cucumber vines with fertigation under shade produced longer roots than those grown in open condition.
Then one August morning, while sitting in my dining room, staring out the window, I saw my nemesis prowling deep in the cucumber vines. Grabbing my bow and arrows, I slinked toward the garden, hidden behind the neighbor's shed.
Eventually, in October, I needed to reclaim the staging for autumn sowing and potting so realigned the cucumber vines in a different direction.
"These zucchini vines of your mother's are choking my cucumber vines. And look here.
The clover will germinate and grow beneath the cucumber vines, and will become well-rooted before winter.
I failed to mention that I have 16 tomato plants packed into the one larger bed (approximately 12'x 2'), with three cucumber vines, seven pepper plants (my bell pepper plants are about three feet tall now and are just starting to flower), a couple herbs, and several marigold plants to chase away the bed bugs.
The beetles themselves are no more than bothersome, but they carry and transmit bacterial wilt, a disease which gums up the tissues that carry water through the cucumber vines and causes the plants to die of thirst.
This spread allows you to plant rows in the shade of cucumber vines and leaves.
The end result is a wall of cucumber vines whose flowers are fully exposed to bees and other pollinators, which results in a higher crop yield.