cucumber tree

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American deciduous magnolia having large leaves and fruit like a small cucumber

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In addition to the cucumber tree, the university obtained seeds from other rare specimens, including a big shellbark hickory, a chinquapin oak, a Kentucky coffee tree, a tulip tree, and a sycamore.
She lists a number of noteworthy trees in Worcester County: A cucumber tree at the home of Mr.
After the merchantable timber had been removed by logging contractors, the most commonly sampled species groups remaining included maple species (30.7%), followed by miscellaneous hardwoods (25.4%), cucumber tree (20.3%), yellow-poplar (12.1%), and oak species (11.6%).
Thirty-eight percent of Socotra's flora and fauna is considered endemic, like the Socotra sunbird (Nectarinia balfouri) and the world's only cucumber tree (Dendrosicyos socotrana), as compared to 40 percent of that of the Galapagos, leading to Socotra's recently acquired nickname, "the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean." Interestingly, not only are the flora and fauna largely endemic, but a recent DNA study by the United Nations Development Program found that many human lineages on Socotra are found nowhere else on earth.
One of the products from crop farming gradually transferred to the large greenhouse And its performance levels from 15 ton to 700 ton per hectare has increased [5], Cucumber or Cucumber tree is called.