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an egg-shaped candy used to celebrate Easter

a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter

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(iii) Discovery of some cuckoo eggs by the host birds and replacement based on the quality of local random walks [24].
They have found that cuckoo eggs are internally incubated by the female bird for up to 24 hours before birth.
Soler investigated that question by removing the cuckoo eggs from a num- ber of magpie nests and rechecking the sites several days later.
Nests were randomly assigned to two groups: (1) experimental nests (N = 29), from which the cuckoo egg was artificially removed 0-3 d after laying; and (2) control nests (N = 28), visited in the same manner as experimental nests.
For example, two cuckoo eggs could have a solution of [0.44 0.21 -0.23 -0.01 0.91] and [0.08 0.21 - 0.03 0.14 - 0.66], respectively.
Generate initial population of n nests [y.sub.i], i = 1, 2, ...,n for i = 1: n Calculate fitness value [F.sub.i] = f([y.sub.i]) end for while (stopping criterion is not satisfied) Generate a cuckoo egg ([y.sub.j]) by Levy flights from random nest Calculatefitness value [F.sub.j] = f([y.sub.j]) Choose a random nest i if [F.sub.j] > [F.sub.i] then [y.sub.i] [left arrow] [y.sub.j] [F.sub.i] [left arrow] [F.sub.j] end if Abandon a fraction [p.sub.a] of the worst nests Build new nests by Levy flights Evaluate fitness of new nests and keep best nest end while Discovery of Alien Eggs.
Reed warblers live with the threat that a cuckoo will infiltrate their nest, remove one of their eggs, replace it with a cuckoo egg, and leave cuckoo chicks to be raised by the unsuspecting reed warblers.
Some victimized species catch the fraud in the egg stage and roll the cuckoo egg out of the nest.
Each egg in a nest represents a solution, and a cuckoo egg represents a new solution.
Each egg (nest or cuckoo) represents a solution, and a cuckoo egg represents a new solution.
In the original cuckoo algorithm, Yang and Deb used an analogy whereby each egg in a nest represents a solution, and a cuckoo egg represents a new solution.
Once a clandestinely laid cuckoo egg hatches in a reed warbler nest, the chick evicts its native nestmates.
Start with a population of possible solutions, a new and potentially better solution (cuckoo egg) is generated.
Some of the hosts do spot the ruse and around 20 per cent of the cuckoo eggs are rejected.