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clock that announces the hours with a sound like the call of the cuckoo

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Aside from its delicious gateaux, the area is also the true home of the cuckoo clock, and while opinions differ, it is generally accepted it was invented in 1738 by Franz Ketterer (1676-1749) in the Black Forest town of Schonwald.
but not cheap, these ornate cuckoo clocks attract considerable fees on auction blocks WHAT'S the connection between cuckoo clocks and Donald Trump (apart from the word cuckoo, that is)?
This is a world premiere, with an animated cuckoo clock chorus.
he asked in the 1949 film before answering scornfully: "The cuckoo clock.
With a little help from her cheeky cuckoo clock, mischievous mop bucket and a nice cup of tea, Mavis moves ever closer to making her dream come true.
Left, wing it with Rume's fun Plex cuckoo clock, in orange, pounds 235 FEAST ON ORANGE Gel dining chair, pounds 99 from John Lewis, left, combines an amber orange seat with sleek chrome legs.
They are lucky to be handed a cuckoo clock on the way out.
We're given stories of his lost mobile, breaking down in his car, an encounter with a great Dane, why he won't have kids with Gok Wan (very, very funny), his problem with wave machines in swimming pools and even his Kerry Katona cuckoo clock.
Another cool gift to take back is the beautiful, hand-crafted cuckoo clock, first made in the early 18th century.
Arthur Daley visits the last pub in Llwydcoed and reckons its well worth the trip 5 Emma Jenkins finds herself cooking on a campsite but still able to turn out a tasty supper 6 One of Terry Walton's mates installs a cuckoo clock in his greenhouse at the allotments.
Esther Rosenbaum is the creator of chocolate hearts stuffed with saffron pen nibs, jugged hares served in toy drums and an edible Cuckoo Clock filled with marzipan birds that hide a terrible secret.
They may only have invented the fucking cuckoo clock, but god-dammit they haven't hurt a lot of people.
Originally from the Black Forest region of Germany, the cuckoo clock is not Swiss although usually associated with Switzerland.
This is a custom-themed, small-scale interactive play unit with a water slide, platform with interactive features, and a water roof with water-spouting Bavarian cuckoo clock.