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the practice of making cuckolds

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Musacchio unpacks the ensuing complexity through popular Florentine conceptions of adultery, cuckoldry, and house scorning.
The audience member in the gallery, incensed by Tarlton's insinuation of cuckoldry, continued to argue, until, humiliated "the poore fellow, plucking his hat over his eyes, went his wayes.
Old age, impotence, and cuckoldry were among a long list of anxiety-producing masculine discomforts afflicting early modern Spanish men which the entremes genre mocked profusely (Cartagena Calderon 235), in particular the combination of these traits in the stock character of the impotent and cuckold old man married to a younger woman: the vejete.
More to the point, Othello has a pain upon his forehead, implying that an invisible horn is growing out of his head--a traditional symbol of cuckoldry.
Though the threats of increased cuckoldry to fitness during episodes of mobbing have recently been examined (Berzins et al.
2, where Jaques and the hunters celebrate the killing of a stag and sing the virtue of horns as a quixotic badge of honor and cuckoldry.
Chow's irascible friend Ping tries to point out his cuckoldry, but Chow refuses to see--or perhaps, like Hamlet (indeed, like any hysteric), he cannot see the reality of the situation, so he, like Mrs Chan, disavows an active role in constituting it.
Students draw on research concerning cuckoldry and paternal investment to analyze Bernard's attitude.
However, their findings suggests that effects of extra-pair paternity are limited, and cuckoldry can even reduce the intensity of sexual selection.
Moreover, just prior to asking for Bardolph's whereabouts, Falstaff rails against a reluctant creditor, charging him with cuckoldry via an elaborate figure: "And yet he cannot see, though he have his own lantern to light him" (1.
Themes range from cuckoldry to corruption and draw much laughter from an audience, releasing the tension raised by the melodrama of the main story.
Clearly men have much to lose if they fail to guard their mates adequately: the threat of cuckoldry, with attendant losses in direct fitness and in misplaced paternal investment, helps to explain why human males resort to coercive, sometimes brutal, means to ensure exclusive fidelity in their female partners (Buss 2000, 34-35).
2412)--but also in its opposite, his cuckoldry unrepentantly accomplished and successfully concealed.
In the episode of the Sibyl of Panzoust, the signs generated by absence and loss in the porous text have pointed to emasculation and cuckoldry and will lead Panurge next to begin a new consultation, one with Nazdecabre, a mute, who, continuing with absence of speech, will communicate the same prediction.
For this, the birds likely employ the swingers' solution of swapping DNA via cuckoldry.