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Synonyms for cuckold

a man whose wife committed adultery

be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage

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Cuckold has been appropriated largely because of its connotations: The man has, in essence, lost his manliness.
Alberti's detailed examination of the visual imagery featuring the two husbands finds an artistic obsession with the cuckold.
If one knows enough, as Pinchwife does, one knows one is a cuckold as well as one's own cuckolder.
In the first scene we see him acting in one of Henry's plays as a vindictive cuckold.
There are three series of nine categories of thirty-six species ("The Lover's Bankruptcy" "The Atilla Bankruptcy" "The Bankruptcy for The Fun of It") in the hierarchy of bankruptcy and three classes of seventy-two species ("The Cuckold by Quanquam," "The Virtuoso Cuckold" "The Banner-Bearing Cuckold") in the incomplete hierarchy of cuckoldry.
doesn't get the same cuckold channel you have at home, you checked.
By violating their marriage contracts, spouses who cuckold their partners have already increased the chances of financial and emotional instability affecting the lives of their children.
The reader encounters disparate and often desperate characters--pianist, cuckold, whore, organ builder, rabbi, priest, scholar, thief, hit man, madman, Holocaust survivor, oligarch, failed artist--who challenge notions about will, morality, and "the riddle of existence.
The cuckold here is Ottone, a role debut for countertenor David Daniels, who has made Nero a signature part in recent years.
Gentility and Power" makes a compelling argument about the multivalent interpretations of the wealthy citizen cuckold, his wife, and his wellborn land-poor nemesis: it does not demonstrate a gradual acceptance of upward merchant mobility so much as present a scene putting wealthy merchants in their properly subordinate place, revealing the insecurity of the gentry as born rulers, and displaying factions vying for the right to govern.
In any case, on the grounds that Carizale is cuckolded, the writer of" To THE READERS" would have those readers respond much as they would to the popular cuckold jests of the day.
By the end of the seventeenth century, the new periodical press helped to create sympathy for men with unfaithful wives, and in the more polite eighteenth century the cuckold as comic butt is to be found only occasionally.
Servants also betrayed the lovers confiden ces, propelling Mariotto Cellesi to avenge the honor of his cuckold father, and by extension that of the clan.
The final, rich chapter is illuminated by a knowledge of the traditions of the fabliaux and comic plays intended for performance at carnivals and holidays, as we watch Panurge evolve from the cuckolder to a potential cuckold and a scapegoat.