cuboidal cell

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an epithelial cell that shaped like a cube

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[2] intercommunicating tubuloalveolar structure lined with two or more rows of cuboidal cells. [3] ductal structures composed of one or two rows of cuboidal cells.
The glandular tubules, constituted by cuboidal cells, drained into a central cavity, which released the mucins and pepsinogen to the lumen of the proventriculus through an excretory duct (Fig.
Glandular lobules comprised mostly cuboidal cells with large pleomorphic nuclei.
2b showed two types of cells within the tumor or cyst small cuboidal cells, typical ductal epithelium with eccentrically located nuclei, and a distinct second population of cells with clear, vacuolated cytoplasm.
In both cases, the findings of encysted tubular structures lined with flattened cuboidal cells without atypia were consistent with the diagnosis of nephrogenic adenoma of the urinary bladder.
The endothelium is a single layer of juxtaposed cuboidal cells with pale and granular cytoplasm, which act in the transport of fluids and maintenance of corneal transparency (SAMUELSON, 2007; RODRIGUES, 1999; GALERA et al., 2009).
The proventriculus consists of a single-layered epithelium of cuboidal cells each with a central nucleus containing decondensed chromatin and a prominent nucleolus.
They were composed of atypical columnar or cuboidal cells with high mitotic count (Fig.
The histopathological features show a non- keratinised epithelium with cuboidal cells of 2-3 cell layer thickness.
A skin excision biopsy was carried out, whose report was a dermal tumor mass from the lower portion of the epidermis, well de fined, formed by small cuboidal cells without atypia, arranged in well-defined bands that anastomose without barricade, with pigmented areas and few dilated ducts, which are in contact with the resection margins, compatible with eccrine poroma (Fig.
The nucellar epidermis is poorly developed and composed of 4-5 layers of cuboidal cells. The inner parietal layers of the integument differentiate into a thin layer of endothelium with cuboidal cells comprises strong PAS positive reaction (Fig.
Histologically CAs are composed of columns of columnar and cuboidal cells with small cystic spaces with or without connective tissue capsule.4-6 Color of the overlying mucosa is generally normal but it may have a bluish hue and mimics a mucocele.7 Rarely epithelial surface of the lesion may exhibit focal ulceration.1,3 Local surgical excision of the lesion is the appropriate treatment for CAs.6
The portal area showed lymphocytes infiltration; the portal vein and hepatic artery contained erythrocytes and bile duct was lined with cuboidal cells and appeared normal (Fig.1).
The cell type that eventually evolves from non-ciliated cuboidal cells is the simple squamous cell.