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The tubules of NA are lined by a single layer of cuboidal, columnar, or hobnail cells in contrast to the nests of urothelial calls in nested variant of urothelial carcinoma and the attenuated urothelial cells lining the tubules in the nested variant as well as urothelial carcinoma with small tubules.
Lined by 1-2 cuboidal-columnar layers of cuboidal epithelium epithelium 7.
5) Morphologically, papillary RCCs are composed predominately of papillary or tubulopapillary structures lined by small, cuboidal cells with basophilic cytoplasm or by larger cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm.
8%) (figure 2), and simple cuboidal epithelium in two (11.
In our case, the cyst was lined by low cuboidal cells at places and pseudostratified epithelium at other places, possibly owing to the fact that pluripotent embryonic epithelial nests have the capacity of transformation from respiratory to squamous epithelium (3).
They are lined by a single layer of flattened, cuboidal, low columnar, or hobnail cells and generally have scant eosinophilic or amphophilic cytoplasm and bland nuclei.
These stimuli can change the type of the epithelium from one that is exclusively pseudostratified cylindrical ciliated with goblet cells (respiratory epithelium) to one that is either stratified cuboidal (epithelium with immature metaplasia), stratified squamous (epithelium with mature metaplasia), or in transition (transition-zone epithelium).
A paratubal cyst lined by low cuboidal to ciliated columnar cells was identified.
Surface cells are cuboidal and resemble reactive type II pneumocytes.
In pseudopapillary areas, hyalinized and thickened vessels were covered by single or multiple layers of uniform cuboidal cells [Figure 1]d.
The papillae are lined by a single layer of cuboidal to columnar cells that have abundant cleared to eosin ophilic cytoplasm (figure 2).
Most of the acini were two cell layered with inner prismatic cells and outer cuboidal myoepithelial precursor cells during the development of the gland.
In neoplastic lepidic tumors, the cells are cuboidal and enlarged, but their growth is uniform and completely replaces the normal alveolar epithelium (Figure 4, A).
There is variation in size and shape of cell from a tall columnar to a low cuboidal form, occasionally a squamous metaplasia, and is pigmented.
Sections of the right ovary showed a fibro-collagenous cyst wall lined by a single layer of cuboidal epithelium with focal areas of papillary infolding and haemorrhage consistent with serous cystadenoma (Fig.