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hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm and the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped

the arm from the elbow to the fingertips

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Kornberg, "Proteolysis that is inhibited by hedgehog targets cubitus interruptus protein to the nucleus and converts it to a repressor," Cell, vol.
in 1997 [6] reported one 16-year-old patient with posterolateral instability, cubitus varus, and a history of distal humerus supracondylar fracture at the age of 5, which had shown no complications until he started playing volleyball with more elbow demand.
In children, cubitus varus deformity of the elbow following trauma can commonly result as a sequel of misdiagnosed, untreated or inadequately treated supracondylar, lateral condyle, medial condyle and physeal injury of distal humerus.
Cubitus varus, valgus deformity, hyperextension, restriction or lack of motion in the elbow, pin track infections, and compartment syndrome are late complications [4, 24,25].
Migration of the plate and screws or non-union with cubitus varus deformity (gunstock deformity) can occur when applied to inadequate osteosynthesis with one plate (Fig.
Annotations: A1, A2 = anal veins; B = basal cell; C1, C2, C3 (C3a, C3', C3b), C4 = Cells 1-4; C = Costa; CA = anterior Costa; CP = posterior Costa; CuA = anterior Cubitus; CuP = posterior Cubitus; cup(pcu+a1) = transverse vein from CuP to Cpu+A1 veins; im = intramedial crossvein; m-cu = medial-cubitus crossvein; MP = posterior Media; Pc = Precosta; PcA = anterior Precosta; Pcu = postcubitus; r-m = radial-media crossvein; R = Radius; RP = posterior Radius; ScP = posterior Subcosta.
This is the most widely used classification as cubitus varus deformity is considered to be a poor prognostic factor.
[10] Excellent: change in the carrying angle of less than 5 degree, and restriction of movement in any plane is less than 10 degree; good: change in the carrying angle from 5 degree to 15 degree (i.e., not beyond cubitus rectus), and restriction of flexion, extension, or rotation by 10 degree-20 degree; unsatisfactory: when the changes surpass the abovementioned limits.
Abbreviation: A - Anal vein M- Median vein Aed- Aedeagus Prb- Proboscis Ap.ant- Apophysis anterior R- Radius vein Ap.postApophysis posterior Sac- Saccus C.brs- Corpus bursae Sc- Sub costal Cu- Cubitus Teg- Tegumen D.brs- Ductusbursae Thec.apen- Thecal appendage E- Eye Unc- Uncus H- Humeral Vlv- Valva Max.p- Maxillary palpi
Blood samples (5 mL) were taken at 9-11 in the morning from the cubitus veins and after isolation of the blood serum, the samples were stored at -80[degrees]C.