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an artistic movement in France beginning in 1907 that featured surfaces of geometrical planes

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For the first 20 pages or so, we find ourselves in a cubistically rendered mincha service in what seems to be an observant Jewish quarter somewhere in the contemporary United States.
As a Hume poem works its way down the page, it associationally splices in curves to its story, cubistically re-designing the "floating world" of the subject.
Though the Pangs prove culturally adaptive on a visual level (Stewart's angular face, lacking the smooth impenetrability of Asian girls' visages, is asymmetrically and cubistically framed, creating a more nervous form of otherworldly awareness), they seem- completely clueless as to the tonal modalities of Mark Wheaton's admittedly undercooked, all-American script.
Peter experiences the Regent's Park moment cubistically, as a simultaneous composite of time, memory, and sensory perception.
The artist, accepting the limitations of his own technique, has produced a series of "preparatory" drawings and several finished decoys that distort the owl's features from expressionistically anxious one moment to cubistically cockeyed the next.