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Synonyms for cubicle

small room in which a monk or nun lives


small individual study area in a library

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"I fully understand the privacy concerns in relation to the use of these cameras and I think the council need to explain to the public exactly which areas of the public conveniences are being filmed and whether cubicle privacy can be guaranteed whereCCTVis in operation," she said.
Are you stuck in your cubicle of corporate monotony, dreaming of the day you'll get over your fears and start your own business?
The bedroom has an en-suite shower room fitted with a toilet, wash basin and shower cubicle.
WHYTE WERE alive today to rewrite his 1956 book The Organization Man, he might well call it Cubicle Being.
Flexible mini offices--whether an enclosed office, a cubicle or simply desk space--fill the startup niche, but also service larger clients who are seeking short-term rentals.
AN abandoned baby boy sleeps peacefully just hours after he was left alone on the floor in a hospital cubicle.
Today's culture, particularly in the United States, often loathes and mocks the office cubicle.
In a recent appellate decision, the court ruled that a company that allowed an employee to keep religious material posted in her cubicle was not liable for religious discrimination.
The pervert terrified two young girls changing in a cubicle at Gracemount Leisure Centre in Edinburgh on Sunday.
Your determination, along with those in the cubicle or workstation next to you, will be the foundation that will support the success of this industry in the next few years, which will be pivotal to the success of a couple of OEMs in particular, most notably Ford and GM.
Today the rest of us know this revolutionary system as the cubicle.
It is, in fact, the arm of a chair' It Must Have Been Thursday Afternoon - a fleeting glimpse of an adjacent cubicle through drilled panels' Suchan Kinoshita seen through one of the clocks, hand-made hour-glasses filled with varying materials' Boards from Inbetweening, waiting to be hung' Another part of It Must Have Been Thursday Afternoon, three cubicles with intermittent illumination, sound, and fleeting glimpses of adjacent cubicles' Suchan Kinoshita with one of the clocks.
The other, which I hesitate to admit, was that I would find a job and that I would be forced to work in some kind of soul-crushing physical environment--a cubicle or a windowless office.
Office workers sequestered behind cubicle walls may be happy to hear that even the man who invented cubicles wasn't happy with them, according to a recent article in FORTUNE by Julie Schlosser.