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25 cubic yards per home and is incorporated into the sub-base for the driveways.
More than 6,500 cubic yards of leaf humus is for sale to local gardeners.
The project used 25,000 cubic yards of specialized concrete mixes with low water-to-cement ratios, air entrainment, superplasticizer, and fly ash.
North Eugene was the leafiest of the city's six pickup areas, contributing 5,089 cubic yards of the total.
25 to $3 per cubic foot in bags, $20 to $40 per cubic yard in bulk.
In highway maintenance and bridge replacement, this scene of thousands of cubic yards of construction rubble is typical.
The higher the volume we get," he adds, "the lower the price per cubic yard.
Tenders are invited for Sale of ten (10) roll-off containers (as a lot): (4) 40 cubic yard, open top (4) 30 cubic yard, open top (2) 35 cubic yard, closed top.
Whatever that number is, for every cubic yard that goes into the landfill, that amount drops off the company's federal tax liability" according to Spear.
Job Contract: Request for proposals - 5-7 cubic yard dump sander box/12-14 cubic yard dump sander box
Recyclers and contractors should also consider the weight per cubic yard of the material they will be handling when choosing a bucket, says Pratt.
Cat's smallest loader is typically equipped with buckets holding around one cubic yard, while its largest loader (used in massive mining operations) can be equipped with a bucket that carries 40 cubic yards of material.
Monitors and televisions less than 19 inches wide are packed together in cubic yard boxes.
5 million cleanup effort, work crews are digging up an estimated 4,000 cubic yards of soil and debris from four filled-in trenches next to a dormitory and near heavily traveled Rosamond Boulevard.