cubic meter

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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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The gas prices will remain unchanged for use of 400 cubic meter gas on Rs 1460 per unit while prices will also remain unchanged for using gas in a bulk at Rs 780.
For third slab of up to 200 cubic meter, a hike of 109.47 percent has been proposed in gas price from current Rs264 per MMBTU to Rs553 per MMBTU.
With a capacity of 375,000 cubic meters of water for this stage, the combined capacity of Warsan and Jebel Ali plants will go up to about 1 million cubic meters with the possibility of future expansion of three more stages, the civic body said on Wednesday.
Also, the rate hike for Maynilad covered an increase of P1.95 per cubic meter for inflation and a decrease of 47 centavos per cubic meter for FCDA.
In 2010, 1066 cubic meter per capita water was available to population of above 167.72 million and in 2025 this decrease to 850 cubic meter per capita,' told an official of the ministry of Water Resources.
Under the prevailing national ambient air quality standards, the range of 0-50 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 10 is classified as good air quality, the range from 51-150 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 10 is fair while the range from 151-300 micrograms per cubic meters is unhealthy.
The new sewerage tariff for residential users will go up to a standard rate of P30.35 per cubic meter multiplied by 70 percent of the total water consumed.
For those consuming up to 200 cubic meter (32 percent consumers) Ogra proposed an increase of 74 percent and the bills of the category will be increased from Rs2,215 per month to Rs3,854 per month.
said the rate adjustments mean that a household that uses 10 cubic meters of water or less each month will see an increase of P2.70 in their monthly bill.
According to the notification, the domestic sector, which includes standalone meters, mosques, churches, temples, madrassas, other places of religion and hostels, has been divided into 7 slabs starting from the consumers using up to 50 cubic meter consumption and going beyond 500 cubic meters.
The Metropolitan Waterworks Sewerage System (MWSS) has approved the increase in the average basic rate of Manila Water Company by 36 centavos per cubic meter as a result of adjustments in standard rates and foreign currency differential adjustment (FCDA).
Gazprom expects the volume of gas exports to Europe to be reduced this year to the level of 2017 - up to 192 billion cubic meters, with the export price estimated to be 13% lower than in 2018.
cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan and this is 37.8 % more compared to the same period of the previous year.
Azerbaijan exported 769.90 million cubic meters of gas to Turkey in May 2019, which is 28.04 percent more compared to the same period last year (601.30 million cubic meters),Trendinforms referring to a report posted on the website of Turkey's Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).
Once done Maragua dam will produce 120,000 cubic meters per day with a storage capacity of 64 million cubic meters, Muguna said.