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A new gearbox and radiator has been fitted to the 350 cubic inch 5.7-litre V8-engined car along with new exhaust mountings and a lot of tidying up.
Some researchers believe smaller clouds containing between ten and 100 atoms per cubic inch of space could be met far sooner.
Secondly, the carat weight of diamonds in a cubic inch of matrix says nothing about the size or the number of those diamonds.
"The second is 18.4 inches long with a girth of 11.7 inches, which gives a 200.44 cubic inch leek.
footprint to achieve a high-density 8.3 W per cubic inch.
With a case volume of only six tenths of a cubic inch and a weight of only one ounce, these power supplies are ideally suited for applications requiring minimal size and weight.
In addition, nylons are 10-20% lower in density than PPS, which translates into a lower cost per cubic inch in molded parts.
Two series of Elpac 80 watt open frame power supplies are designed for both medical (MTB080) and industrial (FTB080) applications, providing a power density of 12.5 watts per cubic inch and converter efficiencies up to 91%.
The 400 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission and sculptured 70s lines mean it's a real Dukes of Hazzard throwback.
Power is supplied by Kubota's newest E-TVCS high-output 148.5 cubic inch liquid-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine.
In many cases, their specific gravity is lower than comparable brominated or chlorinated systems, resulting in a lower cost per cubic inch and reduced part weight.
These ultrasonic rangefinders operate over the voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V (2 mA typical), provide three simultaneous user outputs (analog voltage, pulse width and serial), fill a volume less than one cubic inch and weigh 4.3 grams.
The iconic Charger, with its 440 cubic inch V8 and six carburettors, starred in the opening sequence of the film Bullitt and, more famously, as General Lee in the TV hit The Dukes of Hazzard.
At 126 W per cubic inch, the 3.3 V model of the APC08 product family delivers 8 A of regulated power to its load at 89 percent efficiency.
The product reportedly costs less per cubic inch than filled nylon and has higher tensile, flexural, and stiffness properties.