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Liittschwager's one cubic foot on Table Mountain captures and catalogues 90 separate species from the Fynbos biome of the Cape Floristic Region, and does not include some 200 seeds that were found during the excavation.
That item applies Class 200 when the density is less than 9 pounds per cubic foot. When the density is 9 pounds per cubic foot or greater, the rating is Class 100.
I estimate that each person carries about 50 pounds of water, or one cubic foot. That would give 6 billion cubic feet of water in all people, or almost 109.
United States Cold Storage (USCS), Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA, has broken ground for a 1.8 million cubic foot addition to its storage and distribution center in Bakersfield, California -- and authorized two other expansion projects in California and Illinois.
The 32 million cubic foot facility, owned by AmeriCold Logistics, is located underground in what was once a marble quarry in Carthage, Missouri.
Birdsey estimates an average of 30.6 pounds of dry weight per cubic foot of wood biomass.
*For wastes generated by out-of-compact states, states with a waste site could assess a surcharge that escalates from $10 per cubic foot in 1986 to $20 per cubic foot in 1988 and to $40 per cubic foot in 1990:
The standard density scale has ratings ranging from a low of Class 70, for articles having densities of 15 pounds per cubic foot, all the way up to Class 400, for articles having densities of less than 1 pound per cubic foot.
1 FERROUS BUNDLES -- New black steel sheet scrap, clippings or skeleton scrap, compressed or hand bundled, to charging box size and weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. (Hand bundles are tightly secured for handling with a magnet.) May include Stanley balls or mandrel wound bundles or skeleton reels, tightly secured.