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Push down the top and bottom points to make a cubelike shape.
Then, thrown out for taking in a stray cat, she is forced to become a barsuti dweller: one of thousands of urban people who live in bare, cubelike rooms built onto the flat roofs in residential areas.
Most of the portraits have cubelike bodies-solid blocks of richly grained wood-and faces sculpted, drawn, or painted by the artist.
The third figure represented stands above the stage on another cubelike structure and is hidden within a Chinese puppet theater set against a lavishly painted black-blue-and-white background that creates an electromagnetic atmosphere.
As a matter of history, he was clearly the first to paint if not cubes then cubelike forms, and was hence the first Cubist to the degree that his implicit theory of painting ideologizes angular solids as exemplified by the cube.
"We wanted to rethink the common area so neighbors would hang out and chat," says architect Lorcan O'Herlihy of the 10-unit, cubelike building, which is located 20 feet from public transportation.