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This brought the total capacity of the treatment plant to about 3.2bn cu ft of gas per day.
Dr Mirza earlier said gross gas production from the Awali field was expected to increase to 1.6bn cu ft per day by 2014 and Bahrain could double its output by delving deeper.
The Hamburg Reefer Pool will now consist of 110 vessels in the range of 180,000 cu ft to 356,000 cu ft.
"For 2009 we were 0.5bn cu ft short on supply compared to demand and we are still seeing strong demand growth," he said.
The Model F0275 Filtermist mist collector is designed for use primarily on enclosed CNC machines with an internal volume between 28 cu ft and 80 Cu ft.
That's the equivalent of a 14 cu ft bag of polystyrene foam.
Furthermore, early estimates show Algeria's technically recoverable shale gas reserves are about 700tn cu ft and tight gas potential is about 300tn-500tn cu ft, he said.
This sleek refrigerator features a 19.4 cu ft capacity French door refrigerator compartment on top, and a 6.1 cu ft compartment on the lower right side, providing a 25.5 cu ft of fresh food storage.
Bahrain's proven natural gas reserves stood at 7.7 trillion cubic feet (cu ft) at the end of 2010, according to the BP Statistical Review 2011, but the country produced only 1.3 billion cu ft per day in 2010, mostly from the Awali oilfield.
9 April 2010 - Norse Energy Corporation ASA (OSL: NEC) said today its daily average gas production in the USA was estimated at 7.6 million cu ft in the first three months of 2010, representing an increase of some 16% on the quarter.
Both series are available in four sizes ranging from 3.2 cu ft to 19.28 cu ft.
This redesigned blender comes in sizes from 1 to 500 cu ft. An optional variable-frequency drive can adjust horsepower.
As for air/fuel ratios, Whipple said 1 cu ft of air should equal 100 Btu of natural gas (or 10 parts of air for every 1 part of gas).