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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Avid ROG followers may have noted that Strix Scope was previously revealed as Strix CTRL during CES A 2019.
The enriched TFs (Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted P value <0.2) of DEGs between Early and Ctrl were HNF1A, MAFK, NFIC, NR1H3, and RXRA [Figure 1]a.
The result of this study were promising and showed that over period of 8 weeks, there was significant improvement in balance and mobility of subjects in BDEX Group compared to CTRL Group, showing noticeable reduction in fall-risk.
SZA's nominations include best new artist and best urban contemporary album for "Ctrl." Three of her songs also earned nominations -- the Travis Scott-assisted "Love Galore" (best rap/sung performance); the fan-favorite "The Weekend" (best R&B performance); and album opener "Supermodel" (best R&B song).
In the CTRL group, the alveolar walls were intact with a clear edge, type II alveolar epithelial microvilli were well-organized and the number of lamellar bodies, the air-blood barrier and endothelial structure appeared normal (Figure 3A).
StnTx had families with lower household incomes (p = 0.018) and fathers with lower education (p = 0.005) compared to ModTx and Ctrl (Table 1).
At the end of pretreatment, body weight in all DM groups (DM-Ctrl, DM-M DM-Met) was found to be reduced compared to the non-DM groups (Ctrl and Ctrl-MC).
CTRL suggested a number of strategies to guard against the
Pulmonary artery Cu concentration did not affect ctrl, atp7a or atp7b mRNA concentration in the pulmonary artery for any specie studied (Table 4).
After randomization, a treatment group (VAE n = 32) and a control group (n = 21; CTRL) was established.
CTRL Systems and Sensor Synergy have announced a strategic partnership to provide industrial organizations with a turn-key energy savings program.
Huw, who presents S4C's long-running music programme Bandit, is preparing to helm Channel 4's new music show Topman CTRL MX.
Pragmatech, an information technology company wholly funded by Qatar's United Development Company, has released CTRL, a semantic engine for text processing of news-like documents.
Pragmatech's management summarises the difference between CTRL and other semantic engines/products with one phrase: "the Search is Over" -- saying that while others have been using the keyword "semantics", they are all essentially still keyword-based systems.
Our findings indicated that while control (CTRL) subjects did not demonstrate a change in spatiotemporal parameters of gait, subjects with PD walked differently when listening to music [10].