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Synonyms for cotangent

ratio of the adjacent to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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A summary of reported data on cTn increases in the setting of myocardial injury is given in Table 5.
Since we know that cTn T is at least as useful a pro gnostic indicator in women as in men, this lack of systematic use of new criteria appear to disadvantage females more than males, '' the researchers concluded.
CTN, a subsidiary of the Southern Gas Association, was established in 1992 as a business television network.
CTN thanks UnitedHealthcare for this important funding that enables us to expand offerings beyond broadband services to include increased technical and programmatic support for CTN sites all over California," said Eric Brown, president and CEO, California Telehealth Network.
CTN is providing one free CTN Connect license as a value-added benefit to each participating CTN member site.
Yet, the ship is in good condition, said CEO of the CTN, Jamel Gamra and not to be sold at an inadequate price, especially since it is, according to many Tunisians, a precious heritage and a symbolic property of Tunisia.
The writing has been on the wall for the traditional CTN for some time, according to the doom mongers: convenience is where it's at.
Under this agreement, which includes an initial term of three years, CTN will provide CanWest with regularly scheduled traffic reports, updated news reports and drive time traffic and news video surveillance in each market.
Le Cepex et la CTN organisent une journee d'etude sur l'ouverture d'une ligne maritime directe entre la Tunisie et la Russie.
CTN said in a statement released Saturday that booking for this crossing will start four hours before the departure of the car ferry from Goulette Port.
Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN) announced, Thursday, the start of booking for the 2012 high season from January 24, 2012 in all travel agencies that deal with CTN in Tunisia and Europe and also on its Web site: www.
To gain further insights into the battery purchasing behaviour of c-store shoppers, and as part of its new product development, Panasonic surveyed more than 1,000 CTN consumers to find out what they're really looking for.
Talware and CITDC will subscribe for 49% and 51% of the shares of CTN respectively.
Cette offre, annoncee a l'occasion, d'un voyage Tunis- Genes, organise par la CTN, du 22 au 24 avril 2016, au profit d'agences de voyages, est de 909 euros, soit l'equivalent de 1987 dinars, pour les familles de trois membres (pere, mere et enfant de moins de 16 ans) avec leur voiture (a bord de "Tanit" ou "Carthage").