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a locomotor organ consisting of a row of strong cilia whose bases are fused

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In contrast, egg albumin pellets prepared and imaged in the same fashion showed only diffuse structure, with an emission near 515 nm, similar to the unstructured background of tentacles and ctene tissue.
In comb row preparations, this nonspecific staining control protocol yielded no staining of the mesh, granules, or ctene striations observed in the traditional dual-antibody stain described above (Fig.
Table A2 Pairwise Pearson's correlation coefficients (r) for ctene microspectrofluorimetry spectra Ctene Body Albumin background pellet pellet Ctene granule 0.927 0.981 0.929 Ctene background 0.852 0.998 Body pellet 0.853 Albumin pellet All pairs of spectra share some similarity, but the most similar pairs of spectra (highest values of r) from within the ctene samples are the AcOH/CTAB extracted pellets of ctene granules and bodies AcOH/CTAB extracted pellet and ctene background and albumin AcOH/CTAB extracted pellet (in bold).
Ctenes and tentacles were then dissected and mounted as described above.
In comb row tissue, the cells in the epithelium underlying the ctenes contained green-emitting granules ranging in size from 1 to 8 [micro]m in diameter, while a blue-emitting mesh similar in structure to that observed in our immunohistochemistry experiments filled most of the space between them (Fig.
Emission spectra of the mesh and ctenes exhibited maxima at 480 and 496 nm (Fig.
Reassessing embryogenesis in the Ctenophora: The inductive role of [e.sub.1] micromeres in organizing ctene row formation in the "mosaic" embryo, Mnemiopsis leidvi.
In addition, we wanted to see whether the same lineage that makes ctene plates during embryogenesis also makes them during `post-generation', and so we also injected the two surviving [e.sub.1] micromeres on the side of the embryo opposite the two deleted [e.sub.1] micromeres.