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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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The extension twins are readily observed in magnesium and its alloys during simple compression tests when the loading direction is perpendicular to the crystallographic c-axis of the crystal.
Privileged directions of growth of the main dendritic branches correspond to the crystallographic directions <1100> of the zinc crystal.
The existing measurement methods of crystallographic orientations included etch-pit technique [4], neutron diffraction [5], electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) [6-8], X-ray diffraction [9, 10], and micro-Raman spectroscopy [11].
However, at a certain moment, because of the Ca-P[O.sub.4] bond breaking caused by the release of P[O.sub.4] and the excess of [Sr.sup.2+], a new crystallographic phase forms.
The Local Theorem for tilings yields a necessary and sufficient criterion for a tiling in [R.sup.d] to be crystallographic in terms of the number and the symmetries of k-th tile coronae in the tiling [7].
(2013) presented the results of a crystallographic analysis of the binding of tetrabromo-bisphenol A (TBBPA) and 3-hydroxy2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (3-OH-BDE-47) to estrogen sulfotransferase (SULT1E1).
For a crystallographic root system [PHI], there are three well-known Coxeter-Catalan objects [Arm09]: the set of noncrossing partitions NC([PHI]), the set of nonnesting partitions NN([PHI]) and the cluster complex [DELTA]([PHI]).
This setup was mounted on a piezo rotator which allows fine tuning of the relative angle between magnetic field and sample crystallographic axis.
They begin with general remarks on the structure of complex materials, then go on to examine crystallographic analysis of complex materials, the method of total scattering and pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, total scattering experiments, data collection analysis, exacting structural information on the PDF, dynamics of the local structure, local structure of well-orderedcrystals and systems with competing interactions, defects in crystals and crystallograpically challenged materials, nanoparticle and clusters, local packing in molecular materials, and structures of amorphous materials.
Therefore, specific crystallographic symmetries or lattice parameters can only be achieved using specific nanoparticles as building blocks (and vice versa).
XRD provides detailed information on the crystallographic structure, chemical composition and physical properties of materials and thin films.
of Basel, Switzerland) and Szymonksi (Jagiellonian U., Poland) begin by describing the crystallographic structures and preparation methods of various insulating surfaces, limiting their consideration to alkali halide surfaces and to oxide surfaces with large band gaps.
If the crystallographic direction of the growth of crystals differs for some reason, the formation of the growth will be more difficult.
In his article: Datolite from Westfield, Mass," Whitlock (1905) describes a single 8-cm crystal from Lane's Quarry that he believed to represent penetration twinning on the (100) crystallographic plane.