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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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In the end, 10 percent of the class actually managed to improve on the structure that had been previously solved by professional crystallographers. They tweaked the pieces so they fit better than the professionals had been able to.
"For crystallographers whose crystals tend to form ice that degrades the diffraction pattern, this revolutionary new technology is extremely promising.
Robert Kricki - a scientist and a crystallographer recently put together a model of a sodium chloride (NaCl) or common salt crystal.
Structural biology: More than a crystallographer
This evaluation is based on calculating a quantity called R-free, which is used by crystallographers to measure structural quality.
When in 1984 crystallographers were amazed to learn that a team of scientists had succeeded in producing crystalline complexes based on regular pentagons in a rapidly cooled manganese-aluminium alloy it was decided that these should be known as "pseudo-" or "quasi-crystals"; as the discovery was the result of a technically contrived process, it would have been scientifically incorrect to use the term "crystal" as if it were referring to a naturally occurring formation.
Crystallographers have also succumbed to the temptation, resulting in structurally hybridized names with code letters and numbers added at the end, such as ferronigerite-6N6S.
Bragg, whose laboratory produced three generations of women crystallographers, one of whom, Dorothy Hodgkin, went on to train thirteen additional women.
"In protein structural biology, many crystallographers complement their investigations with NMR and vice versa.
In this work aimed at materials scientists, physicists, and crystallographers, Janssen (theoretical physics, U.
Today there are more than 12,000 crystallographers worldwide, and most or all of them use these techniques.
TEXTAL tries to mimic the typical strategy employed by human crystallographers when they interpret electron density maps.
As Squier has explored in Babies in Bottles (1994) and Liminal Lives (2004), the question of the implications of a wide variety of biomedical interventions into the human lifespan has engaged novelists, playwrights, journalists, and embryologist-poets, as well as zoologists, geneticists, crystallographers, philosophers, and physicians, since the early twentieth century.
(2001), discovered in the second half of the 20th century deserve more attention of mineralogists, crystallographers and engineers of potential technological branches.
The women represent a wide range of scientific disciplines, including physical, earth and life sciences--from ecologists, biologists and astronomers to volcanologists, speleologists and crystallographers. Profiles of Marta Aznar, Dian Fossey and other scientists describe their work, passions, struggles and accomplishments.