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the formation of crystals

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The crystallizing process involves heating the amorphous resin to a temperature above the glass transition (Tg) temperature (normally 158-176degF or 70-80degC).
Both alkali and tholeiitic basalts contain chromite as an early crystallizing phase, and form magnetite and/or ilmenite over a large range of temperatures.
Whether or not "Drawing Now" succeeds in crystallizing the rhetorical temperament of so much recent art, it promises to be a pictorialist's banquet.
Designed and manufactured by Waukesha Cherry-Burrell in the USA, Sand W tell us the Votator II can meet the most exacting standards in cooling, heating, sterilizing, crystallizing and freeze concentration, and it can be used for aseptic processing.
In addition to its unique approach to conventional ibank services, the firm has developed a number of proprietary and innovative services, including crystallizing the value in intellectual property (IPWorks(C)), ongoing operational assessments (PerformanceWorks(C)) and monetizing tax losses (TaxWorks(C)).
Commissioned late in 2014, the world-scale plant at Lotte Chemicals Redcar, England facility includes three pelletizing / crystallizing units based on Nordsons patented BKG CrystallCut process, which saves energy by retaining heat from the molten polymer and using it for crystallization.
Crystallizing is accomplished by heating the PET to a level above its glass-transition temperature.
Ordinary nonmetallic window glass can cool as slowly as a few hundredths of a degree Celsius per second without crystallizing, Johnson notes.
Desmophen XP 2527 is a fast crystallizing polymer developed with the aim of achieving a significant increase in productivity.
a high-throughput rational drug discovery company, today announced it filed a patent infringement action against Oculus Pharmaceuticals in the United States District Court of Delaware alleging infringement of US Patent 6,296,673, which covers nanovolume technologies for crystallizing molecules in volumes of less than one microliter.