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the formation of crystals

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The crystallizing process involves heating the amorphous resin to a temperature above the glass transition (Tg) temperature (normally 158-176degF or 70-80degC).
Spinel (chromite) is an early crystallizing phase in oceanic island basalts (OIB).
Whether or not "Drawing Now" succeeds in crystallizing the rhetorical temperament of so much recent art, it promises to be a pictorialist's banquet.
Both target materials vaporize, creating gas plumes that mix before depositing and crystallizing on a silicon wafer nearby.
Occasional essays shine out for their way of crystallizing a subject, like Derek Sayer on Czech modernism, so alert to strange conjunctions he makes some of the others look doctrinaire.
Designed and manufactured by Waukesha Cherry-Burrell in the USA, Sand W tell us the Votator II can meet the most exacting standards in cooling, heating, sterilizing, crystallizing and freeze concentration, and it can be used for aseptic processing.
Crystallizing is accomplished by heating the PET to a level above its glass-transition temperature.
Ordinary nonmetallic window glass can cool as slowly as a few hundredths of a degree Celsius per second without crystallizing, Johnson notes.
Desmophen XP 2527 is a fast crystallizing polymer developed with the aim of achieving a significant increase in productivity.
The momentum of bodies swooping and curving through space, crystallizing for an instant in poses of sculptural grace, and then dissolving and reassembling with renewed impetus, distinguishes Lar Lubovitch's choreographic style.
Because of the difficulty in crystallizing membrane proteins, there is considerable interest in identifying systems that mimic biological membranes and facilitate structural studies of inserted proteins.
Two PET materials were used: a slowly crystallizing recycled grade obtained from soft drink bottles and a rapidly crystallizing injection molding grade.