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Synonyms for crystallized

having become fixed and definite in form

having both internal structure and external form of a crystal


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This latter appearance is chiefly caused by the salts being drawn up, during the slow evaporation of the moisture, round blades of dead grass, stumps of wood, and pieces of broken earth, instead of being crystallized at the bottoms of the puddles of water.
The Michigan group crystallized the pain-relieving drug acetaminophen, which is known to have two polymorphs, on 84 different polymer materials.
All four have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges that they failed to comply with a 1999 state law requiring sellers of crystallized iodine - a horse medicine as well as a methamphetamine ingredient - to obtain identification and license plate numbers from customers.
Stress-strain properties, hardness and tensile set testing was conducted on PHO film crystallized at room temperature from the melt.
CRYSTALLIZED is a brand synonymous with luxury style and innovative design as well as a strong commitment to philanthropy.
But PET, if it is successfully crystallized, provides for better mechanical properties, including strength, stiffness, and performance at elevated temperature.
In order to clarify the mechanism for this crystallization condition dependence, structures of the nylon 11 11 samples isothermally crystallized from melt at various temperatures were measured by the WAXD method.
First, the researchers zapped a zircon with a laser and chemically parsed the vapor to estimate when the mineral crystallized.
They came to arrest the defendants on suspicion of illegally selling crystallized iodine, which is used to treat hoof disease but also is a component in the manufacture of methamphetamine.
The new material also boasts better flow than competitive materials and produces fully crystallized parts in water-heated tooling.
Leahy, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore and his colleagues shined X rays through crystallized HER2 with and without fragments of Herceptin bound to it.
Similar spacings were also present in the powder diagrams recorded from samples crystallized from the melt (Fig.
Instead of complying with a new law requiring them to get identification from buyers of crystallized iodine, the defendants' feed store sold the chemical at ``300 percent mark-up'' prices, netting themselves $46,000 in one year, the prosecutor said.
In its crystallized form, this compound reportedly has the same physical characteristics as plastic film.
Moreover, the approach is unsuited for some of the world's top accelerators because they host particles, such as protons and electrons, that can't be chilled and crystallized with laser beams.