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Synonyms for crystallize

take shape



Synonyms for crystallize

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

assume crystalline form

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The exception occurred at the MA-g-PP/f-MWNT master batch containing samples at f-MWNT loading above 0.3 wt% where the influence of less crystallizable MA-g-PP at the interface became noticeable.
Chemists and biotechnology researchers explore Fc-fusion proteins, a type of engineered polypeptide that includes the crystallizable fragment domain of an antibody, and resemble antibodies so closely that they are used in pharmaceuticals and other applications.
(21) In one promising study on mice, which were vaccinated with a recombinant protein containing RBD of MERS-CoV fused with fragment crystallizable region (Fc) of human IgG, it was shown that administering this vaccine intranasally had induced a strong systemic neutralizing antibody and high local mucosal immune responses.
It covers advanced crystallographic techniques and methods, strategy development, protein production and purification, crystallization, structure analysis and determination, protein engineering, the properties of a crystallizable protein, crystal packing and symmetry, the principles of x-ray scattering, statistical methods, and data collection.
The invention also relates to crystallizable compositions and crystals comprising JAK3 kinase domain and JAK3 kinase domain complexed with AMP-PNP.
As it was mentioned above, the crystallization process in copolymers is predominantly governed by the length distribution of the crystallizable sequence.
Apio's BreatheWay film uses Landec's patented Intelimer SCC (sidechain crystallizable) acrylic copolymer, which changes from a solid to a gel over a narrow temperature range of a few degrees Fahrenheit (tuneable by varying copolymer composition).
Lynn Biggs, director of sales and marketing for Landec Corp., explains that the Intellipac-brand membrane, which can be tailored to fit any size of flexible or rigid containers, is made of proprietary side chain crystallizable polymers over a porous substrate which affixes over an aperture in the produce package.
Polyamide 11 (PA 11) is a crystallizable bio-based polymer generally used for high-performance engineering applications as it has excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, good thermal stability, impact resistance at low temperature, and rather low moisture uptake compared to other polyamides [1].
The stoichiometry favors the formation of long sequences of tetramethylene terephthalate (4GT) units in block copolymers consisting of crystallizable 4GT hard segments and amorphous elastomeric poly(alkylene ether terephthalate) soft segments (refs.
Suitable crystallizable polymers include polyethylene glycol (PEG), nylon, polyalkenes, polybutylterephthalates, polyethylene terepthalates, polyvinyl acetates, polyvinyl chlorides, polyphenyl sulfones, and polycaprolactones.
The most commonly used adhesives for powder bonding are crystallizable terephtalate copolyesters containing one or more dibasic acids and one or more glycols.