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any of numerous minute rudimentary crystalline bodies of unknown composition found in glassy igneous rock

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X-ray diffraction shows that the synthesized ZnO nanoparticles have hexagonal crystal structure with an average crystallite size of 29 nm.
Where D is crystallite size (in nm), [lambda] is the radiation wavelength (for CuK[alpha] radiation, [lambda] 1.
Lattice parameters and crystallite size variation as functions of La-content were calculated.
From the SEM pictures (Fig 1), it is clearly observed that the precipitated crystallites of was spherulite morphology with narrow size distribution of about few micron in diameter, the spherulite is composed of tiny nanosize platelets of loosely aggregated stabilized structure.
When a hydrothermal treatment was applied to the coating, it had a new hydrotalcite-takovite and plohmite phases with crystallite sizes of 4.
X-ray diffraction was used to estimatecrystallite size; many properties of materials depend on crystallite size, and this does not always coincide with particle size or grain size measured with other techniques (Uvarov & Popov 2013).
The structural parameters such as the lattice constants, average crystallite size, and texture coefficients have been determined using X-ray diffraction data.
The range also includes Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner, Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac, One Minute Transformation Styling Cream and Brass Banned Mousse.
Disordered crystallite grains radiate outward from the central core in fanlike units perpendicular to the inner and outer shell surfaces (Figs.
The calculated lattice parameters, amount of finer-size-series apatite, crystallite dimensions and strain for finer series and large-size series (sensu Kallaste & Nemliher 2005) of the studied samples are presented in Table 1.
X-ray powder diffraction measurement was performed at room temperature and data on crystallite size was obtained.
Calcination Anatase Average Crystallite Specific surface temperature fraction size [D.
TEM images showed that the average crystallite size of the powders annealed in the range 300-800[degree]C was around 8 nm.
On the basis of xray diffraction (XRD) studies and microscopic imaging, it has been shown that each crystallite region consists of at least 120 anhydroglucose units, giving a minimum chain length of 60 nm for a cellulose micelle (Ohad and Mejzler 1965).