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having become fixed and definite in form


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Eat My Flowers will be supplying 3,000 crystallised blooms for the Dorchester Hotel's lavish concession at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.
6 Spoon the ganache on top of the cake and scatter over the crystallised ginger, then leave to set before serving.
Spoon over the cooled cakes and sprinkle with crystallised ginger.
They found and confiscated a package wrapped in sticky tape which contained 544 grammes of a white crystallised powder, believed to be an illegal substance.
Based in Corwen, North Wales, Sarah set up her edible crystallised flower business of the same name on her family farm in 2010.
Those unable to take that risk can achieve a similar result by other forms of planning - the gain can be crystallised but if the sale doesn't happen in the right timeframe this can be reversed.
A special highlight at this particular ARTE fair is the viewing of a Swarovski crystallised abaya, one of the finalist designs at the Swarovski Abaya Competition in February 2008, at the Abu Dhabi Bride Show.
Major retrospective of the photographer who was the eye of Corb, Breuer and Aalto, and whose exquisite black and white images crystallised the Modernist era.