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the formation of crystals

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Over at Slow-Time, there will be more crafting opportunities as the public become 'chemical catalysts' in the crystallisation process by helping make giant crystals.
To modernise RCL's DCS, Schneider Electric supplied the System Platform 2014 R2 as the supervisory to the juice preparation and crystallisation plant areas of the Pongola sugar mill.
It's gradually crystallizing and that was why I had christened our budget, 'Kinetic Crystallisation.' And I can tell you that crystallisation in rapid succession, all the things will start falling in place and people can begin to see for themselves.'
Solid form Solutions will continue operating in its Edinburgh, Scotland facility, providing clients with services including salt screening and selection, co-crystal and polymorph screening, crystallisation development and other analytical testing and development.
Conversely, the rating's agency would downgrade the UAE's rating if a prolonged period of lower oil prices and the crystallisation of contingent liabilities placed the consolidated fiscal accounts under sustained pressure, or in case UAE's exports would be materially affected by an escalation in regional tensions.
The minerals will be exploited by solution mining, claimed to be the lowest risk mining method suitable to this region, and will be processed by crystallisation in solar ponds prior to final refining in a process plant.
These salts are natural substances purified by fractional crystallisation, making them technically inorganic.
The day also saw Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, pictured, reassure the Treasury Select Committee that he could see signs of stabilisation in the economy following June's referendum, and that the Bank's actions had made the crystallisation of Brexit risks less likely.
The good flow properties of Sabic PP FPC45 further facilitate thin walling and fast injection, and a higher crystallisation temperature will enable parts to be demoulded faster-reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity at the processor.
The preliminary results of the study will be reported in this work namely concerning the ability of the EA to follow the crystallization processes under different operating conditions and different types of crystallisation, and the obtained crystals in terms of particle size distribution and agglomeration degree.
There will be a crystallisation of Clarke's achievements - as a great modern batsman and Australia captain - in the outcome of a series which could yet variously result in his fourth failure in England, victory at last or mere retention of the urn should the tourists turn 2-1 to their hosts into 2-2 over the final two Tests.
Despite its widespread uses, understanding the precise molecular mechanisms which occur during crystallisation remains a scientific challenge, particularly for organic compounds.
This means that the areas causing sensitivity are sealed off com- pletely, while at the same time, a process of crystallisation helps to restore micro-hardness and accelerates the re-mineralisation process.
YEAR 8 pupils from Almondbury Community School have been taking part in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Global Experiment - The Art of Crystallisation. They have been growing crystals during their science lessons and their results, together with those from thousands of other pupils from Europe, Mexico, North America, Australia, New Zealand and India, are to be used to find out which are the best conditions for growing crystals.
The flipcharts will be filled with the obvious, the crass, the impossible to execute, while the veto on saying stuff that needs to be said - such as 'That's bonkers' - guarantees that consensus is little more than the crystallisation of groupthink.